Irish Brewery # 2 – Messrs Maguire

Our second stop in Ireland courtesy of interwebs help at the Beoir site is at Messrs Maguire

But there are not going to be any stouts, Irish or otherwise for me, if I visit. I will be heading straight to two German styles.

“A classic of the style, winner of the Best Overall Beer Award at the Independent Irish Beer & Whiskey Festival 2009. This strong beer is easy drinking, with a mild malty aroma and a medium body. Reasonably sweet for a stronger beer, this finishes clean and crisp and leaves you wanting more.”

“A classic European pilsner-style lager, hopped with specially imported continental hops – Czech Saaz and Bavarian Hersbrucker – to impart a crisp, moderately bitter flavour. This beer has a dry, subtle maltiness with a nice floral aroma.