Gluten Free Brewery # 3 – Aurochs Brewing

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The final gluten-free stop is on the Ohio River in Pennsylvania and the soon to re-open Aurochs Brewing Company.

The brewery shut down for major renovations last year and is currently open for growler fills four days a week with one or two different styles on offer.

When I say major, I mean a quantity of NEW….

1. New drains were cut and installed on the production floor
2. New water, gas, glycol and compressed air lines were run throughout the brewery –
3. New steam boiler, glycol chiller and air compressor to enhance our production capacity and efficiency
4. New brew system – both the brew side and the fermentation side for substantially increased brewing capacity
5. New Meheen bottling system to package our beer into 22oz bottles
6. The tasting room was expanded and given a face lift
7. New tap wall was installed with eight taps to allow us to expand our draft menu over time
8. New signage was installed facing the boulevard making it a lot easier to find us
9. New Packaging Design – We are excited to introduce the addition of 22oz bottles of certain Aurochs varieties in 2016. In order to do so we had to create a label and seek all of the proper approvals from the TTB and the PaLCB.
10. New Recipes – Designing and creating new beers is almost as enjoyable as drinking new and different beers. We will be adding to our stable of great tasting, naturally gluten free beers throughout 2016.

Now that the Top10 list is done. On to the beers in the taster tray…

WHITE ALE “Try something wild. Our refreshing, versatile white ale—brewed from untamed grains—offers hints of citrus and a bit of spice. Smooth and slightly tart, the beer pairs well with most food, especially fish, lighter Mexican dishes, and desserts. Drink it with dinner or on its own—it tastes great either way.”

“Our AMBER ALE is about balance and breaking down barriers. The malt base of light roasted millet and quinoa offers hints of toast and biscuits, which is complemented by the spicy and floral notes from Styrian Golding and Cascade hops. This beer is perfect for any occasion and any season. The caramelized roast character make it a perfect pairing for barbecue and burgers. The floral and spicy hop notes pair well with Mexican, Thai, and Vietnamese food. The light body and 4.7% ABV make this a perfect beer for any drinking session.”

PALE ALE. “A perfect blend of aromatic notes of pine and citrus blend with just the right touch of bitterness to create a personal favorite of Aurochs Brewing Co. staff.”

BROWN ALE. “Caramel flavor compliments dark roasts of millet malt, finished with a cascade hop to create a beer thats perfect for burgers and BBQ.”

“Dark with strong roast character, the Aurochs PORTER is malty and delicious. This beer highlights a blend of deep roasted malts and quinoa for a creamy finish.”