Generalizations from Data

When I heard that a large number of Covid19 cases were found to stem from the Sturgis Motorcycle rally, it made intuitive sense. Bunch of people without masks gathering in a large group equals outbreak. But turns out that the numbers were based not on actual counted cases since the US is not a leader in contact tracing but on math and statistics which in this case were not telling the full story.

Talk about beer, I hear you yelling, well I will. First though, read THIS

We and our government need to realize, truly, the danger of this virus and how it is transmitted and tailor our responses to less general categories. I have said it before but Shop A might be home to multiple cases and Shop B might have zero. Shop A might be considered safe and Shop B might not be. The flawed thinking that bars and taprooms are too dangerous is troubling because it means that the virus will have free rein elsewhere.