9AM Tomorrow

I usually only post a Thanks to the readers post today, but this was something that needed to be sent today….

“Letting you in on a little secret…we’re dropping a special LABG 12-pack just in time for the holidays! Pre-sale launches on Friday at 9AM. Stay tuned for updates on participating breweries! Beer Boxes will be on sale until December 9th and will be available for pickup, delivery, or CA statewide shipping on or before December 16th with guaranteed arrival before December 25th. *Must be 21+ to purchase.”

Set your alarm clock.

R.I.P. – MacLeod Ale Brewing Company

There were some troubling signs from MacLeod Ale Brewing Company in recent days but today the hammer came down as they announced the closure of both the original Van Nuys brewing operation and the just recently opened satellite pizza and bar in Highland Park.

The reasons cited for the closures:

1] We’re over budget in several categories
2] We have too much debt due to expansion
3] Sudden crash of sales [down 15% in Oct, 21% in November! Bad timing!]
4] Our 2nd location opened too late and is underperforming.

You have to be a risk taker to brew beer commercially and you also need angel investors to backstop when good bets go wrong. Hopefully a new chapter can emerge from the brewery and it employees.

Style Education

Would you like to know more about Cream Ales?  Maybe you want a refresher on the refreshing wheat beer style? Either way, Sense of Beer Style could be the beer educator you need.  Hosted by not one but two Advanced Cicerones in Julia Herz and Jeremy Storton, there a few lessons up now that you just may want to listen to.

On Wheels

There are many beer styles that peek out only occasionally, wheatwine is certainly in that group but Firestone Walker is using it in their latest Vintage release from their Barrel Program.  It is called Houses In Motion. 

Here is the beer description, “After aging this wheatwine ale in whiskey barrels for 12 months, we incorporated whole roast coffee beans, cocoa nibs, and cinnamon spice to accentuate its core flavors.”

Give Them a Hand

Hand-Brewed Beer Co. have reached that magical age of 8 and they have teamed with the LA County Brewers Guild to add oomph (in the form of more breweries) to the party.  

The event will be on Sunday, October 16 in Chatsworth alongside a selection of local food trucks, and a local artist bazaar! Tickets include a commemorative glass and unlimited tastings.

SMBW Squared

There are “gets” when it comes to food at breweries and Santa Monica Brew Works snared a great restaurant free agent in Emmy Squared Pizza.

My famously picky better half ranks this pizza just below her favorite, We’re Pouring and I have to agree. The ‘Roni pie is brimming with pepperoni and has that nice slightly caramelized soft crust.

The place was packed on a recent Saturday but I think the beers need to rise to the level of the pizza. Maybe even brew a beer specifically to pair with it. The XPA and Inclined IPA are good but could be brightened considerably in my view.

El Dunkel

Yes, El Segundo is first and foremost an IPA or even better thought at DIPA or TIPA house but underneath are some exceptions to the rule and this Oktoberfest, ESBC has paired with noted home brewer John Palmer for a Dunkel Bock.  This will be great to taste alongside their returning festbier.

Arts District Lodge

Arts District spot in massive Aliso complex that had a Mumford sign for a hot minute might instead get Arrow Lodge Brewing. I say might because too many times, I have seen a liquor application sign posted and nothing happening.

So file this under, hopeful waiting because having Arrow Lodge closer than Covina would be good.  Though it is a tough call as to what is worse finding parking in the Arts District or driving the parking lot that is the 210 freeway.

LABW 13 – BFE 2022

If you are in the northerly section of L.A. County, then you are in luck since you will be having your own mini L.A. brewery festival at Lucky Luke in Santa Clarita, BFE.

And this festival will be marking in Tiki time.