Blazer Draft 2020

The Portland Trailblazers had the 16th and 46th picks in this year’s NBA Draft. A draft considered thin at the top but with potential gems of prospects. Then Robert Covington happened and suddenly we Blazer fans got some depth and defense that we could really use.

Lillard’s team selected with their remaining 2nd rounder….

That means I get to highlight a couple Palouse breweries that you could visit if you happen to be in Pullman.

  • Terrain Brewing
  • Hardware Brewing
  • Paradise Creek Brewing

Now it is time to dream of NBA success in the shortened 20/21 season.


You can supply your own words to match up with the F and the B but for Stone it means Features and Benefits. In this case, the health conscious drinker.  This new IPA is under 100 calories and finishes at a mere 4% ABV AND is gluten reduced as well.

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If you missed the first California Craft Beer Summit Experience Box O’ Beer. Get shopping now! Right HERE.

10 CA breweries offering up a great beer from their portfolio. Makes a perfect Christmas gift and will arrive on Dec. 16

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BSP will continue to post content as the packaging gets a refresh.

Thanks for reading and a big shout out to Loren Kling who has kept this site functioning.

GABF Awards 2020 (no fist bump edition)

Brewnited at home, this year the Great American Beer Festival went virtual. But the awards carried on with 1700 competing breweries Here are my thoughts on the medals given….

First though, I have to say that busting through those categories so fast was dizzying. I admit that I liked the goofy intro and the videos sprinkled in between.

From the Los Angeles perspective, Beachwood remains king of this castle. Barrel-Aged Full Malted Jacket goes bronze, then Funk Yeah gold in the American Lambic category. But there are challengers. Claremont Craft Ales went yard twice once in the (new?) Experimental IPA category with Pepper & Peaches and then for Happy Days.

El Segundo got gold for Hammerland DIPA and then picked up bronze in the Strong Red category for Devil’s Path. They are strong in the strong categories.

Here are other winners from LA:

Ogopogo-Silver for Boeman Witbier

Three Weavers– Gold for Deep Roots ESB

Highland Park-Bronze for Sugar on My Tongue hazy

Firestone Walker Propagator-Gold for Wookey Jack

Rhubarb Sketch

Rhubarb is not often thrown into the mix but if the Beachwood Blendery is doing it, then expect it to really shine. A choice selection of their aging beer was exposed to the rhubarb and then that was mixed with an apricot flavored beer for the final product. Releases today!


I don’t know if this was more a burn against Boston or against fine upstanding gentlemen named Sean but this happened last night…

..and I gotta say, made me laugh. Bill Burr has been crisscrossing the cringe line lately but this was good.