FW + DM = New & Improved Paso

After I put this week’s L.A. Beer Blast to bed, I started rifling through my e-mail and came upon one from Firestone Walker.

I reflexively smiled thinking about some barrel-aged beer or new sour surprise from Barrelworks. But when I clicked the link, this is what I saw:
My first thought was “Oh no, I now have to see a bunch of ill-informed beer snobs posting about how they won’t drink FW beer because they aren’t independent anymore.”

Then I calmed down and realized that this might just be the straw that breaks the beer snobs anti-consolidation back. How can they use their copy/paste rant here? The near universal love of Firestone and the stewardship of Duvel with Boulevard and Ommegang will pretty much lay to rest any qualms that the auto-haters have.

I will post more about this next week over on Food GPS as I process the news with some pithy answers from the David Walker himself to my hasty questions that I e-mailed last night.

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