Featured Reviews – Two from Abnormal Beer Co.

It was great to see that my local Trader Joe’s had a pair of beers from Abnormal Beer Co. amongst their “orphan” singles shelf so I quickly grabbed them because, I do not think that I have had anything from them before.

Hazy Dreams – pours not hazy but pretty two-toned orange color, all the same. Definitely getting a tropical and citrus nose from this dream. Flavor wise, there is a burst of wheat at the end of this that I like as a secondary flavor behind the hops. A bit of alcohol burn peers through which lowers the score in my book.

Boss Pour – IPA labeled as a San Diego IPA. Trying to cast my mind back to the early SD days as I drink this. Has a dark yellow merging into orange color. Not super spiky in bitterness. Getting candied orange peel. A bit of pine pokes through as well. Hits the old school notes.

A criteria for me when tasting a brewery for me is, would I visit to taste on draft. Have I been intrigued enough. Boss Pour is a yes and Hazy Dreams a maybe.