E-Tour of Whitstran Brewing

The last Washington state brewery to visit is Whitstran in Prosser. And they have a unique brand style that works for me. A little sci-fi’ish but cool. Compare that to their Friar Series of beers…

Friar’s Blessing Raspberry Lambic
“The essence of raspberries sweetens this lambic for a refreshing brew with little hop presence.”

Friar’s Decadence Chocolate Chocolate Imperial Stout
“This is a sweet robust dark ale, with just a hint of chocolate from the baker’s cocoa added to the boil.”

Friar Lawrence Belgium-Style Ale
“The use of caramel and honey malts gives the sweetness, Goldings hops provide the balance and Abbey-style yeast introduces a unique spice character.”

Friar’s Penance Barley Wine Ale
“Fermenting for 9 – 10 months allows the complex flavors to blend to produce a unique brew that is available for a limited time each year.”