Day 2 – California Craft Beer Summit

Saturday rolled into the State Capital with a really busy day ahead at the California Craft Beer Summit.

Let’s get rolling with the quick notes:
Who doesn’t like beer and cold brew coffee at 9am? The cold brew tasted weird and of celery. Julian Shrago of Beachwood and Jeff Duggan of Portola Coffee gave a detailed talk of what they thought was the best way to utilize coffee in beer. The takeaway? Coffee is not something you just drop in at the end. You build a recipe and coffee is integral.

Next was the NE seminar. Call it hazy, juicy or turbid. It causes consternation. This was a fun session. Swear words came out. Digressions were made. All in front of Vinnie and Natalie from Russian River. My appreciation for Fieldwork Brewing grew hearing the off the cuff remarks from their brewer. Plus I always enjoy hearing Henry from Monkish when he gets animated.

From there a quick walk to Fieldwork. Shower Beer with Mosaic hops then Sea Wall their sea salt IPA. Both really shone. Loved the vibe of the spot too. Then the opposite. Needing food and a check in on college football, we headed to the TV full University of Beer where we were promptly served a really old IPA. Then when we complained, customer service went bye-bye. No, “we are sorry” at all. Live and learn.

Then the festival on the Capitol Mall. Hot was it. As Yoda would say. Too many choices. Rare Barrel brought the thunder with Gifted Branch and Arrows of Neon. LA was at the far end with Tower Bridge in the background. A well laid out event. Nicely spread out but the sun really baked some areas. Did pick-up some swag sunglasses though.

Then it was nap time. Short nap though before checking out more spots in Sacramento. Capitol Beer first. Nice little bottle shop and really nice people behind the bar. Had my first Moonraker beer and tried another Track 7 IPA as well. As the Lyft flies, we went next to New Glory where I had a cucumber lemon Pilsner that was strong in the the cucumber. Really strong.

From there a quick stop at the seriously loud and packed LowBrau for some food before walking back to the hotel.