Chicago – New Chicago Brewing Co.

Strong Artisan Ales are whats promised from New Chicago Brewing Co.

Now they aren’t planning on opening until spring of next year but their plans look really cool and forward thinking. Read this from their website: “Brothers Jesse Edwin Evans and Samuel Evans are opening a production brewery in the Whiskey Point section of the Back of the Yards neighborhood in Chicago, producing and bottling big, bold, strong ales. It will be a collaboration with insanely creative people in a 100% sustainable environment.

New Chicago Brewing Company’s planned launch date is March 4th, 2012, the 175th anniversary of the incorporation of Chicago. We are a socially conscious company partnering with- and located inside- a revolutionary food manufacturing facility called The Plant. It’s the first vertical farm facility of its kind. The Plant is a closed ecosystem that can handle its own waste and generate its own power. Every one of New Chicago Brewing Company’s byproducts will be fed back into a system that raises tilapia, grows microgreens and mushrooms and nurtures aquaponics gardens. View a diagram that helps to explain the ecosystem. It will become a culinary destination. One of the brewery’s main ingredients will be to give back by using our resources to benefit the positive things that are happening in the city of Chicago.”

Chicago is rising fast on the brewery front.