What I am drinking now – March 8th

1. Widmer Drifter – I generally like Widmer’s special releases better than the Drop Top and Hefe. But this Drifter is smooth with taste. To get the grapefruity taste that this has you usually have a lot of hops like Pliny the Elder but somehow Drifter gets both. Excellent summer beer.


2. Urthel Hop It – I had this on tap at the fabulous Lucky Baldwin’s and it has such a floral smell and taste. The bottled version doesn’t capture that magic as well but this is the best Belgian/Hop mash up around.


3. Brew Dog Punk IPA – I love the logo and the design but I must say this was dissapointing. Not very hoppy. It tastes like a generic British bitter and to me that is the most boring of styles. Give me a Belgian or American micro any day.



Apart from the fact that BIG BEER abbreviations are getting more baroque, it is interesting to hear that Anheuser has tumbling profits according to the Wall Street Journal.  You would think that the cheap beers would be flying out of stores.  But because they buy in bulk and hedge its raw materials purchases means it is locked in to old, high hop prices while the small brewers are making less but better beer at cheaper prices.  I say it too much but your local small brewer always seem to do more with less.

Drink Locally

I urge all of you out there to keep supporting your local brewery. I know that alot of people are on “economic hold” ( Count me in that group) but if I you have a favorite brew, and it’s from the little brewery down the street, then you better keep buying it. Otherwise it might not be there the next time. Same goes for your local pub. You don’t need to do it all yourself. Let your circle of beer loving friends know about your favorite place or a new place near them.

I will start. If you are in the Los Angeles area here are two great places to try….

Laurel Tavern in Studio City

The York in Highland Park