Naja's Place


After fighting traffic and horrible directions, I finally got to Naja’s Place in Redondo Beach for the very 1st time. Right on the boardwalk, looking out at the harbor, Naja’s is a total beach bum joint with a twist. Awesome list of beers.


I started with my first taste of Magic Hat beer. I had # 9 and it was absolutely delicious. A wheat and citrus mix that has great balance. Nice carbonation. I now need to try more of their line-up because now I am even more interested. Refreshing beer with every sip.


I made a complete 180 on the second beer as you can see from the above photo. Sierra Nevada’s Empire Strikes Black. This looked really good. Great espresso foam on top. Great roasty smell. As the wind came off the harbor, this warmed me up. Very smooth. Malt forward but not aggressive. Coffee notes throughout.

Liquid Solutions

LogoLeftIf I had unlimited funds, I would spend a chunk on Liquid Solutions website. They have a great selection of Oregon and Washington beers plus foreign and California as well.

Let me give one example of how great Matt Maples and his staff are to customers. I needed Berliner Weisse for a beer & dessert tasting. None of my local spots had any. Now I could have driven to the Bruery for some growlers but I do not have the room to store it. I check Liquid Solutions and they have two types of Berliner Weisse, I had shipping questions that Matt answered and he even held off shipping to avoid excess heat!

I cannot recommend Liquid Solutions highly enough.

100th Beer Post!!

Thanks to the advice of Tomm Carroll, I checked out BoHo in Hollywood. Open since March of this year, it is a odd spot. Great big picture window but on the inside it is eclectic old boy’s club / library. Very interesting and very busy.

I had two vastly different beers. First off was Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA. Very interesting. This is a strange observation to make but it tasted thick but not in a stout or porter way. Not something that you drink fast. For an IPA, not a hoppy aroma or taste but you can really tell you are drinking a big beer. I will have to taste the 60 minute to compare.

Secondly was the Rogue Chocolate stout. Oh was this good. Great Aroma of chocolate and malt. I could spend hours just taking in this great smell. And it was so easy to drink. This is a really good beer. Great with dessert.

The Daily Pint

I made my first trip to the Daily Pint this Memorial Day weekend and it was well worth it. Very similar to Lucky Baldwin’s in Pasadena. Old (in a good way) with the smell of casks past. Really nice selection of good beer choices though I must say there were two customers who ordered BMC that made me wince.
On to better news, the beer! I started with the Sublimely Self-Righteous from Stone.
They really do dark IPA’s well. Probably better than anyone else. This pours a beautiful dark black with a great head. Easy to drink but heavy. This would be great for a late fall BBQ.
Second up was the Einhorn Spezial Pilsner.
Another beer that looks really good. Now, I am not a big pils fan. But this one is pretty good. I could have done with just the pint instead of the boot.

Lastly, I had a combo. A mixed beer cocktail so to speak. Youngs Double Chocolate with Raspberry lambic.
This was sooo good. Like a candy bar. The mixture was just right. I highly recommend this. Great for dessert instead of ice cream.

Austin Drafthouse

If you are lucky enough to be in Texas, then luckier to be in the Austin area. You should check this place out. Not only do you get special screenings but beer and food while you are watching the movie. Instead of day old popcorn.


New place in Los Angeles for great beer

Every new beer enlightened place that opens is like an angel getting wings. The scene,Whittier, California. 24 beers on tap. Rogue Hazelnut in a float! It is on my list of places to check out soon. Plus the chef is super cool. It’s called the Bottle Room.  Check it out for yourself.

Great beer bar

If you are in Los Angeles and you venture to the east side, then you must visit the Verdugo Bar. Great, concentrated beer list. Exactly what I would have in a bar. The owner, Ryan knows beer, you can’t go wrong with his list. Corsendonk Apple. Pliny the Elder.


Beer in Portland – Part 2

Not to far away from Belmont Station (heck, Portland is a small big town, everything is close), is the enviromentally friendly Hopworks Urban Brewery or HUB.  Really cool space.  The bank vault from the building before is now a little snug table.  They have a plethora of regular beers and even more specials.  I had the Abominable Winter Ale and the Belgian Apple.  Both very good.dscn5081dscn5082

Where to go in Portland – Part 1

Belmont Station.  What can I say.  Great selection of beer.  Just great.  Saw Heater-Allen for the first time, ever.  Every time I go in, I see something new.  Plus, they have a beer bar next door with amazing taps.  If you are anywhere in Oregon, find Belmont Station.dscn5077dscn5078