Chimay Can

Purists may howl but Chimay will start appearing in cans. 11.2 ounce cans…

Are bottles traditional, yes. Are they selling, not so much. And I am of the opinion that some tides you can’t fight against if you really want more people to drink Chimay. The pendulum will turn back. I have seen 12oz bottles 22oz bombers, growlers, crowlers and more in my beer life and they will come back in fashion.

A Cold Generation

Time passes by so damn fast. Reading the evolution of the Firestone Walker – Propagator anniversary IPA’s is getting longer.

So here is a shortened piece from the FW website – “For Gen-7, we decided on a massively hoppy Double Cold IPA at 8.7% ABV brewed with pilsner malt, rice, and dextrose, which gives it a bright golden color and relatively light and dry profile for such a big beer. We built the hop blend on the classic Gen-1 mix of Citra and Mosaic, this time blending Citra with Mosaic Cryo and Mosaic Incognito in the whirlpool. Incognito is a newer type of varietal hop extract that allows us to pack in even more mosaic flavor in the brewhouse without overloading our kettles with green matter.

For the dry hop, we layered on more Citra and Mosaic Cryo, plus Strata CGX (another cryo-like concentrated hop pellet) and Rakau from New Zealand. This blend gives Gen-7 a punchy mix of citrus, stone fruit, melon, and berry flavors.”


I have never in all my years of beer and beer writing seen a beer with a descriptor such as Wonderbread but it tracks for the new IPA from El Segundo Brewing, We the People aka Spirit of ’76, which, to be fair also says you will get notes of Orange Creamsicle, Citrus, Pineapple and Peach.


Karl Strauss Brewing continues their collaborative IPA series with Squawk Box IPA.  The name should clue you in to the partner in this hop flight, it is Green Cheek Beer Co..

“Inspired by the famed citrus groves of Orange County, this beer is the liquid equivalent of a sun-kissed orange. With a tantalizing mix of Talus, Citra, and HBC-586 experimental hops, every sip is a burst of citrus and stone fruit flavors and aromas”

More Replicants

Replicant, the super fun contract brewery from a Shell gas station in Pasadena has another new beer on the way.  But before, I show the label, do plan a visit to get the current Replicant beers.  They have cool Sci-Fi art and are fan fiction beers in the best possible sense.

Coffee IPA is a cool sub-style that, at least for me, has more hits than misses, as opposed to a Black IPA.

Downtown Cellar

Kellerbier is the latest release from Angel City Eastside series which usually tackles Germanic styles a bit off the normal beer style track.

This is their DTLA take on a “historical German “Cellar Beer.” This unfiltered pale beer is fermented with lager yeast but is not lagered for too long so it’s served young and fresh – think of it like a rustic Pilsner without the maturation and aging. It has a slight toasted and malty flavor with hints of green apple, and the hops bring about herbal and floral qualities with a touch of fruity hop bitterness for balance.”

Triple Tiki

The triple IPA deluge is continuing with a Thor Heyerdahl entrant from Los Angeles Ale Works, Kon Tiki.

“We took a different approach with this beer, using our hazy IPA yeast before spinning through the centrifuge. This preserves the complex, yeast-driven tropical aromas while keeping the body closer to more traditional IPAs.  On the nose, Kon Tiki has loads of pineapple and mango, followed by subtle sweet notes of passionfruit, mango and ripe citrus.”