For many LA beer fans, there first exposure to Beachwood Brewing and their now enlarged world of IPAs was either Melrose or Laurel.

And now Laurel has resurfaced in brightly festooned cans again. Grab a 4-pack to relive the early days

Not A Coffee IPA?

from the Hop Merchants social media feed

Long Beach Beer Lab and Ambitious Ales are only separated by a mile or two and now they are even closer on the label for a new beer that is A) hazy B) over 10% and C) made with oat cream.

So more latte than coffee IPA it seems.

PS – I recently opened a can and it is fantastic. Big coffee. Big latte and still the hops show through too. Pick one up.

Fulton Fog

Readers of the blog know that I am an appreciator of fine label design and that I am wary when a brewery creates a a new brand.

Those two worlds collide with this very strange hazy IPA label from Van Nuys Beer Co. (a MacLeod Ales younger sibling).

The shopping cart plus the fog are creepy and then the yellow dots add a layer of modern art meets Brouwerij West to leave an overall eye catching label. I half expect a grocery bag to be pushed by the wind into the frame and then gust away.


The great thing about niche style breweries like Enegren Brewing is that it allows the guest brewer to play in a different sandbox than normal. Beachwood does its fair share of styles but a Dortmunder is a little brewed style that is welcome to see and probably design a recipe for. And it would pair nicely with their BBQ too.

An IIPA Beastie

A big beer is coming our way soon from Ogopogo Brewing, “A little late for the season, but we decided to make a Triple IPA. Prolly around April 14th we will be releasing ‘Yacumama’ Hazy IIIPA 10.5% with Citra, Azacca, Amarillo, Chinook, Pineapple, and Coconut.”

Double Citra

You know El Segundo Brewing, they had to make “Citra…Just Citra-ier.”

They went and double dry-hopped their American Pale Ale so that you can try both to see what DDH does to the beer and to test how much you like the Citra hop