Brew Trail


Planning craft beer trips requires a certain amount of time. You have to find which breweries are in the area that you are headed.  Visit each of the brewery websites or Facebook pages to find out when they are open and then go to another website to map it all out.

Now you can head to one spot Brew Trail, which as the founders describe it is “the ultimate compilation of brewery information, has gone online and Visiting breweries just got easier.  Brew Trail compiles every brewery and brewpub in the country – over 2,500 – allowing beer lovers to quickly and seamlessly plan their ultimate tasting trip.  Tour schedules, tasting room hours, fees and other info is all available on one site for the first time ever.”

I tried the site out from both a PC and my Mac and it worked pretty well.  It has a pretty comprehensive list of breweries.  It is missing some but maybe some crowdsource help will fill in gaps.  I was impressed to see that Pacific Plate Brewing which recently opened is there.  If you search by state that is the best bet.  I tried the city and zip code function and either got zero results or funky results.  Your mileage may vary with that function.

It does put all the information under one banner which will save you time.  You can print out maps.  Create an account.  All fairly simple.  I suggest giving it a try.