Best Beers of the Month – January 2020

Each month, in addition to highlighting cool beer names and labels, I will do a quick rundown of the best beers drunk during the month. Why? A list at the end of the year of beers that are no longer available just isn’t as useful (though still a good exercise). Granted, some beers drunk early in January might well be gone too but the chances are much better.

Here are the best of this month…

This month, I was “wowed” by the East Coast. LIC dropped cans onto Sunset Beer and the one that I picked up, Hollows was a winner. Big bouquet and a consistent taste all the way through. Plus a unique can design as well. I reviewed the Spencer beers and all but the IPA were excellent but the pilsner and the Trappist ale were the too close to call winners of the (4) beers sampled.