Beer Book Review – Dogfish Head – 26 Years of Off-Centered Adventures

It is hard to imagine craft beer without Dogfish Head. They are the Ur and Urkontinent of many craft beer givens that breweries basically start with these days.

And this 26 year history (did you think they would be so prosaic as to do 25?) ticks all the trailblazing boxes. First thing you will notice is that the book is heavy in weight of both cover and pages, as well as photos. They put money into quality which they have done with all their beers.

Second, they spent many pages on employee profiles. What book does that but in craft beer? You are not going to read about Coors employees, but to DFH that is important, so it is in the book.

You also can’t turn more than a few pages without reading about local focus on ingredients as well as charity and collaboration. Remind you of your local brewery? It should.

Now, I have to say that my introvert self would probably never work there but they have created a workplace that many live for which is really cool. And they have grown it thoughtfully as Sam’s mid-life mobile will attest. Restaurants, distilling and an Inn are evidence if that. Time will tell on the Florida expansion.

For those jaded by the current beer scene. Those put off by seltzers. Those who aren’t into craft beer anymore might just be rejuvenated by the words of Emerson and Calagione.

You can order your copy HERE. You might want to pick up some 90 Minute as well.

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