Craft Brewery Cookbook

Beer journalist John Holl spent his pandemic in the kitchen with beer and it resulted in….

So flip the pages to find your favorite beers and see what recipes pair with them and see if you agree or not.

The cookbook releases on May 10th and make sure to buy from a local bookstore.


As someone who posts monthly about books and beer and who reviews beer books for Beer Paper LA, I don’t much like book banning.

For that reason, this new beer from Flying Dog strikes the right chord for me.

A bold and juicy 11% ABV IPA that nods to the novel Fahrenheit 451 through the beer’s name and artwork.


Pete Brown is one of my favorite beer and other beverage writers and he has a new book look at the Working Men’s Club, Clubland.

It “is a convivial guide on this journey through the intoxicating history of the working men’s clubs. From the movement’s founding by teetotaller social reformer the Reverend Henry Solly to the booze-soaked mid-century heyday, when more than 7 million Brits were members, this warm-hearted and entertaining book reveals how and why the clubs became the cornerstone of Britain’s social life – offering much more than cheap Federation Bitter and chicken in a basket.”

I hope there is a chapter about what a modern day Working Person’s club could be.


Strange how life sometimes brings up a topic that you haven’t heard about then brings it up again. I was listening to the New York Times Book Review podcast and the writer Iris Murdoch was mentioned, then I heard about this…

Yup, a book that showcases the beermat collection along with pub related writings of, Iris Murdoch. You can check out the crowdfunding campaign HERE.

A Book & A Beer – Foundation by Isaac Asimov

I have not read a lot of old school Sci-Fi. A bit of Heinlein, Dick and Asimov. But I was so taken by the visuals and dual (if not more) story arcs in the TV show version of Foundation that came out this year, that when I saw a pair of used Foundation books, I snapped them up.

First, I had to wrap my head around the amount of changes from page to streaming screen. Once, that was done, I needed to try to figure out why the additions and alterations were made. In that, I was less successful.

The book (one of a trilogy that spawned sequels then prequels) is very spare. Even Asimov admits that there is a lack of action. The fact that these stories were individual first then collected together shows a bit. There does seem to be a lack of spine down the center.

And yet, the world building is enchanting and the people sure but flawed since they are part of a multi-generational plan that you start to root for them and hope that they are indeed following Seldon’s plan.

To drink, I would suggest, since, we cannot drink beers from other planets that you instead lay in a supply of different beers from Ecliptic Brewing from Portland. Perhaps Starburst IPA or Orange Giant Barleywine. Suitably space themed for your own journey to Terminus.

Hip, Hip Hooray!

You know me and books have a thing but I have been really looking forward to the new book from Em Sauter. You may recognize her work from her website AND store Pints & Panels.

She has a great artistic look. I especially like her renditions of hops. But she sneaks in fun stuff with her recommended pairings that I think are a tad out there, which I jive with.

Her book comes out next year and please do buy it.