Beachwood BBQ & Brewing turns 1

The craft beer events just don’t stop here in SoCal and here is another for your July list.

Beachwood BBQ & Brewing Tribute to Southern California Breweries 1st Anniversary Party on Saturday July 7th 2012 – 11:30am to Close

Here is the scoop from Beachwood:
“Beer is a regional specialty, a craft that reflects our tastes, philosophies, traditions and aspirations. It’s a temporal experience that takes weeks, months or even years of attention leading up to the moment that it’s savored, gulped down, revered or just plain forgotten. We are all lucky enough to live in a region full of craft
beers that will not be forgotten. In fact they will continue to be duly noted on cell phones, laptops, paper scraps or just by a series of baffled expressions that signify beer geek transcendence. Southern California is a special place for beer and we at Beachwood BBQ & Brewing are privileged to be a part of an innovative, eclectic,
uncompromising and truly exceptional community of breweries. As a tribute to all of their inspiration over the years, we’ve decided to celebrate our anniversary with a festival of Southern California breweries.”