April Madness

The final game of the 2016-17 college basketball year is upon us. Left standing are the Tarheels of North Carolina who did not do free throws well but did rebound & the Bulldogs of Gonzaga who finally got to the big game.

Here are the beers to drink during the game for the craft beer fan in L.A…..

You can get the dry Irish Stout, Bulldog from Beachwood Brewing or maybe their new Cryo Me A River IPA to lament your college teams not making the final four.

Why not something from Spokane, Washington or Chapel Hill, North Carolina? Well neither sends that much beer to us. That just forces the beer buyer to be more creative. So if you are rooting for Gonzaga grab some Zwiec lager from Poland to celebrate the hirsute center, Przemek Karnowski.

Or celebrate North Carolina with a berry beer for playmaker Joel Berry. Or pick up a sixer from one of the west coast breweries that now has a North Carolina outpost.

Since the Championship game is technically in Glendale, Arizona.  You can get the Glend-Ale IPA from Pacific Plate in a growler and be in Arizona in spirit.

Keep in mind that it should be sessionable considering how long the game will be with all the TV time outs.