Anniversary Report – Far Field’s 1st

A great way to finish July. That is the main takeaway from the 1st Anniversary party at Far Field Beer Co.

It took a year but I finally was able to have a drink at Far Field in their second floor space with pretty seafoam green tables and barrels that allowed one (me) to look over the 1st anniversary crowd that arrived to celebrate the brewery among the car repair shops on Rosecrans.

And to start with, Hyper Link their dry hopped pilsner.  The pils pours a darker yellow color with an aggressive hop hit that the style holds up pretty well without tipping out of balance. The draft list was nice and big for the occasion with an oyster stout, Italian pilsner as well as their new Triple IPA, Triangularity.

The brewery section was open as many vendors were open from warm cookies to flowers to tea were on hand.  The music was pumping forcing conversation up a notch and dogs and kids were underfoot lending a backyard family gathering feel to the sweltering day.

The beer line was a bit slow but never aggressively long though a second line might have helped as would an ixnay on flights, of which I saw many.

TRIPA was my second choice.  Both silky and spiky at the same time.  The alcohol was softened though it did have a tiny touch of butteryness to it underneath along with a tropical fruit note as well.