A Book & A Beer – Foundation by Isaac Asimov

I have not read a lot of old school Sci-Fi. A bit of Heinlein, Dick and Asimov. But I was so taken by the visuals and dual (if not more) story arcs in the TV show version of Foundation that came out this year, that when I saw a pair of used Foundation books, I snapped them up.

First, I had to wrap my head around the amount of changes from page to streaming screen. Once, that was done, I needed to try to figure out why the additions and alterations were made. In that, I was less successful.

The book (one of a trilogy that spawned sequels then prequels) is very spare. Even Asimov admits that there is a lack of action. The fact that these stories were individual first then collected together shows a bit. There does seem to be a lack of spine down the center.

And yet, the world building is enchanting and the people sure but flawed since they are part of a multi-generational plan that you start to root for them and hope that they are indeed following Seldon’s plan.

To drink, I would suggest, since, we cannot drink beers from other planets that you instead lay in a supply of different beers from Ecliptic Brewing from Portland. Perhaps Starburst IPA or Orange Giant Barleywine. Suitably space themed for your own journey to Terminus.