2 New from Cismontane

I haven’t spoke about Cismontane in awhile. They fell off my radar a bit but they have two beers that I am looking forward to finding and trying!
1. “Holy Jim Falls is officially a part of our core beer lineup. A sessionable IPA weighing in at just under 5%, this beer is perfect for thirst quenching and time wasting. Expect a clean and crisp palate that will pair nicely with spicy foods. Complementing the taste graciously is a hearty dose of “herbal” dankness which overwhelms even the most seasoned of schnozes. This beer will be available for tasting, pints, growler fills and 16oz bottles. Try one, try as many as you like, Holy Jim is here to stay!”

2. “Label approval for our Whiskey Rye Barrel aged Oso has finally passed! We have been sneaking secret tastings of Oso over the last couple weeks and it is incredible. The English yeast imparted a symphony of dark fruity esters which compliment the tasty vanilla/ caramel notes, graciously donated by the Rye Whiskey barrels. This beer is super limited and will be available for tasting, ½ pint pours, and takeout 750ml bottles while supplies last.”

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