1st Visit – San Dimas – Highpoint Brewing

I set the GPS for East on the 210 and went off to visit some new breweries, starting with Highpoint….

Which is just an exit or two from the 210/57 exchange.  Thanks to breweries like this, I have a reason to visit a city like San Dimas which would normally just be three exits to get by on the way somewhere else.  Highpoint is situated in a sort of industrial strip mall on Arrow Highway and they have taken their space and done well with it. It is divided into three sections.  The front of house with a nice amount of seating (and plenty of crowlers), the back seating (and brewing) area with a most excellent Bill & Ted painting and the space in between with the cold box and office.

Here is a quick review of the beers that I tasted (leaving more to try a second time)

Brut IPA – tastes a bit weird to me. doesn’t have the snap or hop bite needed.

Two Fine Blondes – redeems the Brut, this is well done. Good light option particularly for crowler fills.

Uncle’s Red – my pick of the group. A little citrus. A nice kick of malt and a little rye-like spice.

Nitro House Drip – solid coffee taste. nice balance of dark malt and coffee.  nitro could have been amped up a bit

South African Hop IPA – R&D with notes of grapefruit and grass. very light and yards different from a typical IPA

I usually don’t buy crowlers after just one visit to a brand new brewery, but I took home the Nice Day IPA because it was a British styled IPA and considering how well I liked the Red, I figure it would work for me just as well and I was right. If you are hunting for malt first and then hops and something reddish/brown instead of golden orange, then this will be good for you too.