NWSL City Brewery Tour # 3 – Level Crossing Brewing

We place a cross into the Utah Royals box by visiting our third and final NWSL themed brewery, Level Crossing Brewing Co.

Let’s check out a taster tray…

Dallas Alice Belgian-Style Blonde – “An easy-drinking Belgian ale with subtle yeast complexity giving off floral, citrus and light honey aromas. The smooth and clean pilsner malt pairs well with the honeydew melon and floral hop flavors. The beer finishes dry with a lingering lemon zest flavor.”

Look Up! Amber – “A well-balanced amber ale with toasted biscuit malt flavors complimented with subtitle earthy pine and floral hop aromas.”

Suss It Out Rye IPA – “A complex and hop-forward rye IPA with three types of rye and a blend of hops to give the beer a resinous and spicy hop bitterness and grapefruit, berry and piney aroma.”

Soul Rex DIPA – “Intense citrus, melon and dank tropical fruit hops flavors and aroma. Medium body and firm yet juicy hop bitterness.”

Best of … Brewery Tour # 1 – Templin Family Brewing

Each year Craft Beer & Brewing magazine publishes their Best of Issue. I have gone through it and plucked three breweries out of it to highlight this month, starting in Utah with Templin Family Brewing.

Here are my taster tray choices….

Natürlich Pilsner – “A tale as old as time. The malt bill presents subtle notes of crisp bread and peanut brittle. The hops pop with notes of grassy, white peach. 10 Weeks in the foeder give this a substantial oak presence.”

Beechwood Rauch Bier – “This Bamberg specialty is made with beechwood Rauch malts and Bavarian lager yeast. A silver medalist from the 2019 GABF, this beer balances sweet and savory malt finishes.”

Lingonberry Berliner Weisse – “American-style kettle-sour with lingonberry puree. Sour, tart, slightly sweet finish. (What does a lingonberry taste like, you ask? Think Cranberry, but slightly more bitter.”

Cold Foam Nitro Oat Stout – “Double oat dry stout. Creamy texture. Subtle roast character. Named after the brewers favorite pick me up in the morning. Cold Foam Fridays are a weekly ritual.”

Review – (2) from Shades Brewing

I got three beers from a Salt Lake City brewery that I had never heard of from a dear friend who traveled their recently. So I randomly picked two Shades Brewing beers in their colorful cans to review.

Plum Berliner Weisse – pours a multi-hued purple, red and peach color. Very pretty, as is the shades of purple label. The plum taste trumpets in well. Not one of these where’s the fruit? beers. Nice tartness level. And nice spritzy carbonation as well.

Passion Fruit Sour – another sour bursting with actual fruit. This has the hallmark funky meets tropical aroma and flavor of a passion fruit. Sour level is low but it just tastes fantastic. Liquid fruit from a Farmer’s Market.

Both sours were just great. I cannot stress enough how much of the fruit came through. Real fruit not the fakey candy kind. If you find yourself in Salt Lake grab these beers.

Numbers Game

Keep the craft pilsners coming.  When is see the 801 from Utah’s Uinta, I will grab it and 805 from Firestone Walker and have a taste-off.  Los Angeles gets hot, so I will need more light but flavor filled beers.

Community Builder 801

Now who brews in area codes 802-804?


Behind Zion’s Curtain

If you want to learn more about Utah and their liquor laws there is a documentary called Liquor Behind Zion’s Curtain in the works. According to the folks behind the camera, “It’s a hard look at Utah’s crazy liquor laws from the 1800 to present day.”

The documentary features many of the current craft brewers in the state of Utah including Epic Brewery, Uinta Brewery, Squatters Pub, Wasatch Brewery and many more..”

You can see the second trailer HERE, and the first trailer HERE.

Epic Brewing

My tour around breweries of the southwest concludes with Epic Brewing. Not to be confused with Epic Ales of Seattle, this is a later in the year to be opened brewery in Utah.

And they have a unique spin on their beers…
EPIC Brewing beers fall into one of three categories Classic, Elevated or Exponential.

The Classic Series are the regular line-up craft beers.
The Elevated Series are limited in quality and numbered. The recipes will change from year to year.
The Exponential Series are highly specialized beers handcrafted in very small batches. These beers will use unique ingredients.