Triple Tiki

The triple IPA deluge is continuing with a Thor Heyerdahl entrant from Los Angeles Ale Works, Kon Tiki.

“We took a different approach with this beer, using our hazy IPA yeast before spinning through the centrifuge. This preserves the complex, yeast-driven tropical aromas while keeping the body closer to more traditional IPAs.  On the nose, Kon Tiki has loads of pineapple and mango, followed by subtle sweet notes of passionfruit, mango and ripe citrus.”

Not A Coffee IPA?

from the Hop Merchants social media feed

Long Beach Beer Lab and Ambitious Ales are only separated by a mile or two and now they are even closer on the label for a new beer that is A) hazy B) over 10% and C) made with oat cream.

So more latte than coffee IPA it seems.

PS – I recently opened a can and it is fantastic. Big coffee. Big latte and still the hops show through too. Pick one up.

Review – Green Bullet from Green Flash


Green Flash is not lying with the Triple IPA moniker.  That is a major pine scent coming off of this and it is strong.  So is the ABV.  This is a palate wrecker for sure. Lots of citrus and herbal notes.  Lots of bitterness here.  Really strong.  Did I mention that?  The New Zealand hops pop right at the beginning but the remainder of the hop assault overwhelms that delicate front note.  This is a seasonal release that will only be with us through December and I think it is definitely a colder weather IPA for sure.


Now I am reading about the starting point for one of my favorite bands from when I was younger, New Order.  It is by the band’s bassist, Peter Hook and it is his recollection of the start of Joy Division and the Manchester music scene.  Unknown Pleasures has a cool design and book jacket and has been fun to read 50 pages in.