Coast to Coast CANarchy

One of the benefits of a network of breweries banded together is getting beers from out of state and now CANarchy and their IPA Mixed Pack will get us some Deep Ellum beer since we get the other (3) already.

Expatriate IPA, Jai Alai IPA, Can-O-Bliss IPA join the following:

“Deep Ellum IPA is loaded with American hops for a bitter punch. Over-the-top tropical fruit, citrus, pine and floral aromas and flavors make this 7% ABV IPA big and potent enough to bear Deep Ellum Brewing Company’s hometown name. Brewed in the historic Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas…”

Are You Ready for Some… Three Weavers

It may not be ready when T. Swift opens the new Inglewood Stadium next year but Three Weavers will have a large 20,000-square-foot  presence in the stadium.  There will be a beer garden + opening in 2021 in the Hollywood Park development.

The beer garden per sources “will feature plenty of room for on-site brewing, as well as seating by way of outdoor tables and space for live music.” It is quite amazing that any sort of true craft presence is being invited into one of these projects.  The big beer cabal usually puts the kibosh on any sort competitors even at lesser pro sports venues, let alone a biggie like the NFL.

Review – Thirty Years Strong from Three Weavers

The CCBA goodie bag had a canned treat tucked inside. A 30 Years Strong IPA. Once the Summit was finished, I decided to crack this open while looking over my photos and prom material from the 3-Day event.

Bit of a missed opportunity with the label. Doesn’t say 30 years or CCBA to me. Just a generic cityscape. I imagine what Brouwerij West or Highland Park could have done.

The muddy haze of lemonade ice tea is evident.  The beer has a bright citric acid aroma.  Getting orange and lemon mix. Tiny touch of creamy character. Hop bitterness is there but tilted more to silky as it sticks on the top of the mouth. There is a rough alcoholic burst at the beginning as well. 

Three Weavers + Astro in Santa Monica

Tomorrow, you can add fried chicken and a donut to your beer as Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken hosts their Summer Beer Series, this time with Inglewood’s Three Weavers. The food and beer flights include “fried chicken tossed in Day Job Pale Ale sweet & sour glaze, Sliders topped with Expatriate Indian Pale Ale aioli, and a Chocolate Cold Brew Doughnut with Midnight Flight Imperial Stout and Southbounder Coffee Stout.”

I have visited the DTLA Astro on a couple occasions but might try to sneak in to this.

Review – Komorebi from Three Weavers and Coedo

I hit up two beer spots to find and purchase this beer from Three Weavers collabing with Coedo, Komorebi.

Tart & Tropical pours a pretty orange pink color. Aroma pops as soon as the can opened. Super tropical. Almost tiki drink tropical. This is barely tart but the hops add in to make a good combo. Neither are duking it out. More mellow vibes from each. I would equate this with a popsicle as weird as that sounds. 


Three Weavers Brewing has an international collaboration on shelves soon with Japan’s Coedo Brewing. The beer is Komorebi, a tart and tropical IPA, in 16oz cans.

Coedo brewer Yasuki Mizunuma teamed with Alexandra Nowell in Inglewood for the beer that has about 3 pounds of Citra, Strata and Galaxy hops. at about 3 lbs per barrel plus hibiscus and lactobacillus. Komorebi is named after the Japanese word for “the feeling you get when you see light filtering through leaves.”

In the Tap Lines for November 2018

As Los Angeles makes the slow transition from summer to late summer before heading to early summer, we can start to look at the bigger beers, the snifter beers. While also searching for the perfect beer to go with the fall sports season. Stay tuned for both this month.

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Here are two events to get your November started in the Los Angeles craft beer world:
1) November 10 – Three Weavers 4th Anniversary
2) November 16 to 18 – Brewery Draconum 1st Anniversary

16oz Human

Now I don’t agree with the 16oz cans. Would have gone with the SixPoint style skinny cans. But the fact that a 14 month aged Willett Bourbon barrel collaboration is in cans at all, is great. Now let me go look up Urban Roots Beer of Sacramento to see what they do that intrigued Three Weavers to brew with them.