Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day beer fans!

Have a fantastic day, however you wish to spend it. Be it football, family, fistfights with family or festbiers.

Back to regular beer programming tomorrow, along with the annual Christmas Seasonal beer survey.


Sean Suggests for November 2022

Three beers that will have you traveling all over SoCal. But each of these three beers would work well with your Holiday meal choices.

Malibu Brewing Company Railway Rye Pale Ale – 5.6% – “This gorgeous ale boasts rye-spiced richness and balanced bitterness, the perfect transition from Summer to Fall.”⁠

Trademark Brewing Get Toasty Hot Chocolate Porter – 5.8% – “Get warm and toasty with this Hot Chocolate Porter made with Letterpress Chocolate cacao nibs.  A roast-toasty body and silky smooth finish will carry you away.”

Radiant Beer Co. Home With You Hazy IPA – 6.8% – “This fresh & fruity hazy will bring cheer to any table.  Featuring a lush combination of Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe, Amarillo & Cashmere hops, this juice bomb hugs you with notes of mango, tangerine, peach and a hint of strawberry.”

Happy Thanksgiving

Patience. We are close to a vaccine. So please do not spread the virus at literally the second to last holiday of the year just to eat turkey next to a cousin who you only see once a year. Make this year a Zoom-sgiving. Stay safe and enjoy your beer in your holiday bubble so next year can be a return to normal.


Thanksgiving 2020

You, as the beer fan, have been asked over holidays past to bring beer to the celebration. This year, well unless you all arrive in individual Flaming Lips style bubbles, will be spent much differently.

For some, that is s good thing thing. Missing out on angry grandma and grandpa or whichever relative is they shit stirrer could be a welcome relief. To others, this will be another missed chance to get together in a year of misses.

You can still be the beer person though. Even if your family lives far away, almost every town has a grocery delivery or an alcohol delivery, or you can even bend the shipping rules and send local beers (well packed and non-sloshy sounding) to the family gathering.

Add in tasting notes that you can send via email or by Zoom and the turkey can be improved, even from a distance.

With creativity, we all can celebrate together while apart.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I will be sitting on a couch, not watching football, nope Thanksgiving is time to binge some TV and this year, the wife and I will be eating turkey and watching….

Have a great and restful weekend. And give thanks to all the brewers who make the good stuff all through the year.

Happy Turkey Day!

The only post today is this one. To wish you the best Thanksgiving whether your turkey is brined, baked, flash fried or in sandwich form.

Make sure to give thanks for another excellent year in beer…
Tomorrow starts with my annual holiday beer a day blog version of an Advent Calendar.

Happy Thanksgiving from BSP

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 7.57.01 PM
Everyone have a craft beer with turkey and cranberries and stuffing and if anyone talks politics, take a big hearty sip until they stop.

(You may have to bring a lot of beer this year, FYI)

Enjoy and give thanks to the good things in life!

Thanksgiving Beer Review – Caute from Cellador

Our final review of beers with an eye towards pairing with the traditional Thanksgiving meal comes to us from L.A. newcomer Cellador Ales. Caute is aged in red wine barrels and dry hopped with Saaz hops.
Caute pours a hazy light orange color. Quite a bit of accumulated acidity here. You don’t notice it at first but as yout take each additional sip it shows up. Red wine on the nose but it devolves into a weird almost but not quite to butter taste. Some citrus and tannins in the background. Not really digging it.

But would it work with turkey and stuffing? It just might. It is potent enough and the tannins are far enough in the background to make this work especially if cranberry sauce were around. This could be one of those beers that is better with food around it.