Can It Get Much Higher

Back in the day, there were some weird gimmicks / marketing / boundary pushing beers. And one of the weirder chapters in the craft beer history book was the high ABV battle between BrewDog and Shorschbrau. Scotland V Germany to create a beer higher in alcohol than some spirits.

There was Tactical Nuclear Penguin at 32%. Then the Germans countered with their Bock at 40%, BrewDog came back with Sink the Bismarck which tipped in at 41%. The Bock returned at 43% before The End of History arrived at an eye popping 55%.

All that is preamble to the fact that the two breweries have joined forces (via Zoom) to create a new beer. More news on what it will be is coming.

Tactical Nuclear Penguin + Tokyo

First, big shout out to Josh at FoodGPS who purchased not only the famed Tokyo from BrewDog in Scotland but also TACTICAL NUCLEAR PENGUIN!!
TNP tokyo
That’s right. The highest alcohol beer on the entire PLANET! Alot of all caps, I know but this beer costs a good 37 pounds in England.

This was one hell of a beer. Big whiskey aromas almost assault your nose. A sip burns the tongue and anything else it comes into contact with warming alcohol. A big roasty, peat taste dominates. It comes in a 12 oz bottle but can easily be shared by six people. This is a sipper to slowly enjoy.

BrewDog release

The inventive folks at BrewDog are at it again“BrewDog brewers of Fraserburgh described TACTICAL NUCLEAR PENGUIN the 32 per cent proof tipple as its “most audacious and ambitious project to date”.

BrewDog, which describes itself as making “progressive, craft beers” was previously responsible for an 18.2pc drink called Tokyo which it claimed had been “banned” by the Portman Group, the industry body which runs a voluntary code of conduct.

It also made a low alcohol brew which it mockingly name “Nanny State”.

Only 500 bottles of its latest beer have been produced, with half going on sale for £30 each and remainder offered for £250 with a share in the company also on offer.

In a posting on the company’s website, James Watt, the managing director said: “This beer is bold, irreverent and uncompromising, a beer with a soul and a purpose, a statement of intent.”

He added: “Beer has a terrible reputation in Britain, it’s ignorant to assume that a beer can’t be enjoyed responsibly like a nice dram or a glass of fine wine.

“A beer like Tactical Nuclear Penguin should be enjoyed in spirit sized measures.

“It pairs fantastically with vanilla bean white chocolate it really brings out the complexity of the beer and complements the powerful, smoky and cocoa flavours.”

A warning on the label advises drinkers to take it in small servings: “and with an air of aristocratic nonchalance. ”