Featured Review – Dragon’s Milk Stout from New Holland

Last of the three featured reviews is the famed Bourbon barrel stout from New Holland Brewing, Dragon’s Milk.

The Dragon pours pitch black with a nice tan head to it. Quite nearly the prototypical, approachable bourbon-barrel stout. Slight bourbon nose with a smaller, tiny alcohol burn to it. A little sweet with a hit of vanilla. A little vinous quality as well. It does not taste anyway near 11%. I would have liked to see a little more heft to it.

Featured Review # 1 – Old Rasputin from North Coast Brewing

For my birthday, I received a few blast from the past beers. By that, I mean beers that I thought good but for many reasons, have not had in quite a long time.

First up is Old Rasputin from North Coast Brewing…

Roasty and chocolately come to mind right off the top. This pours jet black with a great espresso head to it.

Now, considering current events a Russian Imperial Stout might seem a poor choice to review but this is a California take on a British styled stout for Russian monarchy. That, like history, is not easy to untangle.

For a 9% beer, it is a bit thin in the mouthfeel. But that strong flavor carries the day. This is and probably ever will be a great beer float beer. This would pair so perfectly with a coffee ice cream.

Review – We’re Out of Dynamite by Great Notion

I haven’t had a Great Notion beer in awhile but SoCal has been getting quite a few beers from the PDX brewery that I thought the time was right for some dynamite, or lack thereof.

You will read about where I bought it later today, but here is the review from me and two fellow tasters…

This was not a well loved beer. One gave it the lowest rating she had given a beer and the other found it not to his taste. Me well, I found toasted coconut big time with a neapolitan ice cream aroma.  There was some tropical notes but more strawberry.  It was almost like a sour stout in which the ABV over 11% does not really show.

It may be another while before I have another pastry stout

Review – MacLeod Ales 7th Anniversary Stout

Time to crack open the impressively packaged Imperial Double Mash Stout from MacLeod Ales

This is a gentle giant of a beer. Pours dark brown in color with just a few, fast dissipating bubbles on top. I get cherry, chocolate and a slight nutty taste at first. This is a smooth beer. The ABV is not showing. As it warms, I get Dutch chocolate pudding with a bit of coffee bean bitterness.

Hollywood Bottles

Thanks to a certain virus, I don’t think I have been in Hollywood in over a year, but now there is a reason to visit…

…yup, Stout has created a bottle shop next to their Cahuenga Boulevard restaurant. I checked their online store and they have quite a few aged bottles to buy.

Black 2020, sorry, Black Tuesday

When I saw that the classic Black Tuesday was going to be put in 16oz cans, I was happy. I will be even happier when they come in adorable little 10oz bottles.

So, I typed that intro before I received a mega bounty of Black Tuesday 2020 which included cute little 10 ounce cans of three different variants!

You’ve got your maple, vanilla and Port barrel-aged versions but those will wait until November. Can’t rush a beer that hasn’t been rushed.

First, let’s talk the original. Almost drank it straight out the can like a libertine. It is boozy. But not as hot with alcohol as I feared. There is a burn. At 19+%, there is going to be one. But this drinks smooth and might well smooth more with extra aging. I get raisin and fig and big bourbon notes swirling. I can totally see why other flavors would appeal as additions to this.

It may be passé to say that we as beer fans need to hew close to our roots but there are relatively few beers that I believe need to be tasted each year. Black Tuesday is one of those beers.

A Stout Shop

We are living in a to-go curbside contactless world which sucks for browsers like me. But maybe the new Stout Bottle Shop will have a nice robust online shoppe for me to wander through from the seated position. Good to have outlets for both customers and the breweries.

Featured Review – Partake Stout

We are at the end of the five part series of reviews of Partake Brewing, and we close with the Stout.

This beer garners the silver medal even though it is more a porter or brown ale. It has good flavor and is less watery than the rest. There is a bit of coffee taste as well as a slight tinge of cola. A bit of minerality in the finish that could be toned down but overall decent.