A Bit of a Turn

Firestone Walker can do a wide variety of beers but even with that skill, there are some flavors that I do not associate with them. Pils, sure. IPA for sure. Sours and Wild Ales for damn sure. Barrel-aged of course but chocolate cherry stout? No doubt they will pull it off but I like that they are doing something off their Central Coast path. And canning it too.

N’Owt 2020

You know you can’t always have a Hazy IPA, so when you return to other styles, return in a big way. Might I suggest Stout, at Yorkshire Square?

There is a crackin’ list of breweries set to appear at the 2020 edition of N’owt But Stout…

Over 30 breweries pouring including:
Beachwood Brewing
Bottle Logic Brewing
Brewery X
Burnin Daylight Brewing Co
Cellador Ales
Chapman Crafted
Creative Creature Brewing
Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
GameCraft Brewing
HopSaint Brewing Company
Laguna Beach Brewing Co.
Marin Brewing Company
MacLeod Ale Brewing Co.
Mission Brewery
Morgan Territory Brewing
Pizza Port Brewing Co.
Riip Beer Company
Smog City Brewing
SouthNorte Beer Co.
South Park Brewing
State Brewing Co.
Thr3e Punk Ales Brewing Co.
Yorkshire Square Brewery

Quite a few are not seen around L.A. so this is a great chance to check out places normally out of reach.

IPA or Stout Jameson

I have been eyeing the Jamesons whiskies aged in casks formerly home to IPA and Stout but since I am not a big Whiskey person, the prospect of buying a full bottle without a sample first seemed like too big of a flyer.

But, I stumbled across little sample bottles and that was an easy purchase. Of the two, the Stout seemed to have more of a residual beer flavor to it. But if handed both blind, I would have had a really hard time picking which was which.

It is an uncanny valley thing. You know when something looks fake and tastes fake but the closer you get to the look and taste will leave people weirded out even more. I would have needed to get a citrus or pine hop note in the right quantity to have been happy and the same with the Stout, I really needed to have some Black Patent Malt note tucked inside.

For me, the Stout version seemed more on that road than the IPA version but not by a galloping head start for sure.

Guin & Timm

I do not know when this beer came about, if it’s a retired beer or if it is being sold in the US but when I saw that Guinness spun two of their beers into a blend with Timmermans of Belgium, I really wanted it.  This Lambic meets stout is a mix of Guinness West Indies Porter (1801), Guinness Special Export (first brewed in 1944 exclusively for John Martin) and Timmermans Oude Kriek (the world’s oldest lambic brewery).

The description from the Timmermans website sounds delicious, “A unique dark beer with a subtle pink hue in the foam. Aromas of chocolate, oak & cherry. Full flavoured and beautifully balanced.”

N/A Day – Athletic Brewing Review

I have been long fascinated by the Non-Alcoholic sector of craft beer. It seems so wide open. Then I taste an N/A beer and realize that it must be harder than thought ’cause they always taste off in one small way or another.

In one of my bursts of podcast binging, I heard about Athletic Brewing and for Christmas, I bought the IPA and Stout. Will my bad run continue?

Starting with the IPA, Run Wild, there is a pronounced orange and grapefruit aroma as you pop the can.  This is quite hoppy with a bracing bitter finish.  It has a watery quenching mouthfeel like a session IPA.  As the beer warms up I get pine and grapefruit pith tastes.

All Out Stout starts off with a big pillowy espresso hued head.  A bit like a cold brew coffee taste. It is a little thin with a mixture of tastes like licorice and cocoa beans.  It is more a porter to me and a touch too sweet.

Overall though, these taste like beer.  None of my quibbles are do to the usual N/A complaints of tasting like wort or having a weird secondary flavor.  I would drink the hell out of the IPA, especially on a hot day.  I guess the best recommendation is that I want to try more.  Their Saison really intrigues me.

A Rare Thanksgiving

The Stout mini-chain has another round of their Beer Fest for Beer Geeks events coming on November 18, 2017

The next “The Rare Experience” will be “featuring about 20 celebrated breweries pouring rare, barrel-aged, funky, sour and often inaccessible beers. The Rare Experience takes place outside of the restaurant’s Hollywood location from 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm..

A partial list of breweries includes “Allagash Brewing, Almanac Beer Company, Epic Brewing and High Water. Local breweries Boomtoon Brewery, Dry River Brewing and Craftsman Brewing will be on deck, while the popular Fremont Brewing and Third Window are making their debut.”

General Admission tickets are $50 and includes unlimited tastings (rare bottle pour tickets available for purchase) with entry at 2:00pm. VIP tickets are $70 and get you access to rare bottles throughout the event, plus an early entry time of 1:00 pm.

Make Mine Rare

When Stout brings out kegs and special bottles for a festival, they are not your garden variety beers. You will find quite a few foreign beers which might be a good course correction after L.A. beer-ing this week.

So you might want to check out the latest beer list for their upcoming July 1st Rare Beer event, right HERE!