Jon and Vinny and an Italian Pils

Crowns & Hops has joined ampersand forces with restaurant team Jon & Vinny for an “Italian Style Pilsner dry hopped with Amarillo & Simcoe hops for a beautiful floral and citrus aroma coupled with a crisp dry finish.”

Per the Inglewood brewery, “Greensleeves is in honor of the global impact of jazz and a celebration of access to culture. Arguably one of the most impactful forms of American Art created by Black Americans of African descent was that of jazz.

Considering that Jon & Vinny are the food suppliers to SoFi Stadium, I would hazard a guess this pils will be available there.

Featured Review – Deep Thoughts About Hops

I got a nice care package from Three Weavers Brewing with an exciting single hop beer, featuring Simcoe.

This pale ale pours a vibrant yellow. Pine and earthiness are first to make their presence known followed by a minor note of grapefruit. For a pale ale, Deep Thoughts has a strong layer of bitterness to it while still being lighter in body. Additional citrus notes come through as the beer warms up making the flavor profile more complex.

I am hoping that maybe, down the road, there will be a mixed 4-pack each can featuring a different hop.

Beer Review – Bursted

Recently, El Segundo Brewing came out with their take on the single hop beer. They call it Bursted and the initial batch all clocked in at 6% abv and came in three different colors/hops.

I don’t know if this has happened to you, but I had all three bottles in the ‘fridge and I opened the Simcoe and was absolutely blown away by the aroma. It was as if a bunch of hop pellets had been dumped into my kitchen. I loved that beer from ounce 1 to 22. I was so jazzed to try the other two but, alas, the Mosaic and especially the Citra paled in comparison.

You open one beer and suddenly your expectations are raised to a point where the remaining beers have no chance of competing. But that Simcoe is an early contender for Beer of the Year. Bright and vivid aroma with a touch of spice.

Here is my order of the beers:
1. Simcoe
3. Mosaic
5. Citra

I am certainly intrigued to see how this series progresses.

Organic Hop Cuvee

Bison Organic Beer has a tough road to navigate now that hops have to be organic as well to be able to label a beer as organic so it is good to see them tackle it head on with….


“The 2013 Hop Cuvée recipe includes Citra® and Simcoe, two new and exciting organic hop varietals not previously available as certified organic, as well the classic Centennial hop. This year’s hops were grown by Carpenter Ranches, Perrault Farms and Roy Farms—three family-owned farms in Yakima Valley, WA.”

Row 2, Hill 56

It might be two late for this batch. But keep in mind when more is bottled at Russian River.
“Row 2, Hill 56 is our nod to the 3 Simcoe growing families in Yakima and a reference to the exact location in the experimental hop yard where it was first developed! 100% Simcoe hop pale ale, 5.8% alcohol, and being bottled for the very first time today! Will be released at the pub about 1m this afternoon. Sending a small amount out for local distribution and some to So. Cal, but that’s all we have for now! We only brewed one batch, so it will not be regularly bottled.”