More Snow

Sierra Nevada has done a couple different Snow Cones. If memory serves, there was a White IPA and Belgian one previously.

Now there is a tropical Snow Cone…

…and it’s a lovely gesture for a retiring member of the SN team too.

Just a Stout

A lot of craft beer fans are itching to have the behemoth 2023 version of Sierra Nevada’s Hoptimum but for those looking for a more retro track….how about…

Stout, just stout. A non-bruising 5.8% stout that will be in a can this year!

Fresh ‘n’ Frozen

I won’t try to explain the science behind it but Sierra Nevada has a new version of Torpedo in (and only in) their hoppy sampler box called Cryo Fresh™.

Per the press release it “freezes hop harvest in time. Hops are most intense right when they’re picked, but they fade fast. Now the freshest, most powerful hop flavor is always within reach. The innovators at Yakima Chief Hops isolated pure lupulin from just-picked wet hops, the source of hop aroma and flavor. Stored at subzero temperatures, these hops provide hop field freshness, anytime.”

Seems a combo of innovation and marketing but would be a good taste test with regular Torpedo.

Is it Big or Little?

The Little Thing series from Sierra Nevada is getting a big brother as their new Imperial IPA comes aboard. It is “a 9% ABV, smooth malt body and mega-tropical hops, yet its sweetness is discreet and the finish is clean.”

The brewery adds, “To make it happen, we max out the mash and dry-hop a lot. And dry-hopping during active fermentation sparks biotransformation: yeast cells alter the chemical compounds in hops to unlock entirely new aromas—like the notes of mango, grapefruit, and tangerine billowing from Big Little Thing.”

Dank You

Sierra Nevada has announced that has a new IPA coming. Dankful IPA, is “a hoppy West Coast-style IPA to help the brewery raise funds for a variety of charities, including a donation of $250,000 to World Central Kitchen for COVID-19 relief.” The Jose Andres charity does some great work plus I bet that the beer will taste real good too.

Review – Wild Little Thing from Sierra Nevada

It has taken me awhile to trying the Wild sibling of Sierra Nevada’s Little Things lineup but I am embracing the color red now. This pours a pink color tending towards red. Even the foam is pink. The nose is very much candied strawberry. This has a soda pop flavor to me. No real sour or tart notes here. Getting that fruit punch flavor as a co-star with the berry. It’s only so-so to me. Not much beer here.

Secret Stash

A small side benefit of unopened taprooms is that some breweries are starting to dig into their cellars and offering up some great aged beers. Sierra Nevada is selling Bigfoot packages that allow you to taste the beer from one year to the next (and they will shop it to you!).

Beachwood in Long Beach has added special bottles from their extremely well curated lists too.

Lastly, the reliable Beer of the Month Club has become a go-to again. Thanks to breweries being forced to package in anything other than kegs, the monthly club now has more options including their Rare Beer Club which has some gems from breweries like Lost Abbey.

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