You Can

If you broke your Magic 8 Ball or it refuses to give a good answer then maybe you need the Samuel Adams ‘I CAN’t’ Can. When you need an excuse to drink, the can shall provide.

Kinda Charm Offensive

When I heard the news that Sam Adams Boston Lager had a recipe overhaul, part of me thought, in a Bostonian accent, what’s the big deal.

Recipes morph and evolve as the years pass, especially such a legacy beer like Boston Lager. But Sam Adams (maybe using some Truly money) has added a fun marketing twist to the change by tying the bright (supposedly) new taste with a brighter Boston attitude.

And it is funny, especially…

Cuban Utopia

Breweries seem to be leaning back into flagships as inspiration for brand extending. Think Two Hearted or Ja Alai and their siblings.

It should come as no surprise then that Dogfish Head and Sam Adams are leveraging Utopias now as well….

To be honest, this sounds like an interesting treatment and if given a bottle would profusely thank the giver but will that be the same with the next beer in this possible series?

Timberland Sam

Need some boots for the brewery or the trails or wherever you wear boots? I wouldn’t know because I don’t think I ever owned boots. But these new ones from Timberland look kinda cool…

I like that the color scheme matches and the logo is prominent but not dominant.