A positive takeaway from the to-go rules has been getting lots of packaged IPAs that might not have escaped draft. I am particularly happy to have had many Pizza Port hops in my life, and that continues with their Outdoor Escape…

Not Plain

Pizza Port in conjunction with North Park Beer have St. Patrick’s Day covered with Plain Porter which as the brewery described is brewed “to celebrate the historical Irish working-class drink of “plain” porter. This traditional Irish Porter lends aromas of roasted malt, chocolate and plums, accompanied by flavors of toffee, caramel and a touch of coffee. Medium bodied with a soft mouthfeel and balanced biterness throughout drive this beer to completion.”

Slainte! indeed.

Bear on the Water

I wasn’t a big fan of the label art on the Surfin’ Bird IPA collaboration which makes a background appearance in the new IPA and doubling down on clothes wearing cartoon animals is giving me some Hanna Barbera vibes that I don’t associate with bitter beers.

That being said, I would bet that the beer inside the can from Pizza Port and El Segundo will be quite good and that is not any Hong Kong Fooey.

Last Lodging

Brouwerij West has been quietly notching some impressive collaboration partners like Great Notion most recently and now a new (closer) brewery in Pizza Port. Hotel Zebra is filled with Idaho 7, Comet, Simcoe and Citra to meld that dank San Diego Pizza Port profile to the softer and hazier Brouwerij West.

One Fish, Two Fish

One of the first to really dive into cans is back with more IPA for hop fans.
Pizza Port – Bressi Ranch Fish IPA has gone from house IPA to six-pack.

I don’t know much about surfing or surf culture other than the videos you see on YouTube which are crazy. This IPA is not named for a generic fish but the fish surfboard. Per the brewery this IPA “has bright citrus and tropical notes, followed by hints of lemon, gooseberry, and melon.”

Sean Suggests for March 2018

Time to head back to the legacy breweries and try some of their new (and new-ish) offerings.

Anchor/ Brewer’s Pale Ale5.3% ABV
“Brewers’ Pale Ale is a bright and fruity American Pale Ale bursting with hop aroma and flavor. Its appearance is straw colored with a creamy, white head and nice lacing. The ale has aromas of grapefruit, passion fruit, citrus peels and dank piney hops. It’s a crisp and quaffable Pale Ale packed with complex hop flavor, finishing fairly dry with a nice balanced drinkability.”>

Allagash/ Map 407.5% ABV
“Map 40 is a Belgian-style stout blended with cold-brewed coffee from Speckled Ax. Black in body with a tan, reddish-tinged head, this beer’s aroma is strong in coffee and light in roasted grain. Brewed with dark chocolate malt, chocolate malt, roasted barley, and brown malt. A light nuttiness accompanies tastes of chocolate, raisin, and a resounding coffee note that weaves its way throughout. This is a rich, creamy stout with a clean finish.”>

Pizza Port/ Bacon and Eggs8.0% ABV
“With award-winning cold-pressed coffee from Bird Rock Roasters of La Jolla, this Coffee Porter is black in color with a khaki tan head. Strong coffee flavors with rich chocolate and roasted malts. ”>

All of these beers can be found at Sunset Beer Co. (unless they got bought up real quick)


I would expect nothing less in label art than this from the combo of Pizza Port and 3 Floyds….

Very trippy and skull driven. All for a session IPA. You won’t be able to miss it on shelves for sure.

Ocean Bird

The folks at El Segundo have ticked off another bucket list collaboration partner (at least in my mind) with their latest DIPA with Pizza Port.

Day One is November 3rd and the brewery taproom will have special beers going or you can find bottled that day bottles to-go at reputable craft beer stores.