A Full Pint Breakfast

Time to show some love to the fellow beer writers over at the Full Pint, they have riffed on the famous Bacon and Eggs beer with…

“Sausage & Grits was brewed in collaboration with The Full Pint and Pizza Port Carlsbad. This elegant Coffee Porter at 6.5% ABV boasts flavors and aromas of perfectly roasted coffee, chocolate and caramel. Sausage & Grits features the “Daybreak Blend” from Steady State Roasting. This blend consists of Brazil and Colombian varietals.”

Review – Beach Run IPA from AleSmith and Pizza Port

More goodies came from AleSmith recently so it is time to take a walk on the beach, I am not one for running.

This time Pizza Port was brought in to partner on Beach Run IPA.

This DDH IPA has Enigma, Cashmere and Sabro hops an pours a bright lustrous yellow. And it does pack a bitterness punch. I get a little bit of catty, a little bit of fruit punch and a little bit of pine as well. No coconut from the Sabro which I usually get. There is a bit of alcohol heat as well which is kinda weird for a beer below 7% ABV. It is smack dab in classic pre-2010 West Coast IPA territory.

The next AleSmith collab IPA will be with Revision Brewing, Split Aces in a red checked can.

Where and When

Speaking of beer travel, sometimes you need to be flexible and Pizza Port has us covered.

“A simple grain bill of 2-Row allows the hop character to shine through in this bright, golden West Coast style IPA. Aromas of mango, lychee and guava lead to flavors of bright citrus and subtle berry notes thanks to the use of Citra and experimental hop HBC 586. This beer has mild bitterness and a clean, dry finish.”


A positive takeaway from the to-go rules has been getting lots of packaged IPAs that might not have escaped draft. I am particularly happy to have had many Pizza Port hops in my life, and that continues with their Outdoor Escape…

Not Plain

Pizza Port in conjunction with North Park Beer have St. Patrick’s Day covered with Plain Porter which as the brewery described is brewed “to celebrate the historical Irish working-class drink of “plain” porter. This traditional Irish Porter lends aromas of roasted malt, chocolate and plums, accompanied by flavors of toffee, caramel and a touch of coffee. Medium bodied with a soft mouthfeel and balanced biterness throughout drive this beer to completion.”

Slainte! indeed.