Review – Beach Run IPA from AleSmith and Pizza Port

More goodies came from AleSmith recently so it is time to take a walk on the beach, I am not one for running.

This time Pizza Port was brought in to partner on Beach Run IPA.

This DDH IPA has Enigma, Cashmere and Sabro hops an pours a bright lustrous yellow. And it does pack a bitterness punch. I get a little bit of catty, a little bit of fruit punch and a little bit of pine as well. No coconut from the Sabro which I usually get. There is a bit of alcohol heat as well which is kinda weird for a beer below 7% ABV. It is smack dab in classic pre-2010 West Coast IPA territory.

The next AleSmith collab IPA will be with Revision Brewing, Split Aces in a red checked can.