Migration Brewing

A brewery that blatantly loves the Portland Trailblazers. All I can say is Red, Hot and Rollin’

They started with guest taps but will slowly fold in their beers as they are ready. First up is the MPA. Their take on a pale ale. West coast style.

Get the latest news on Migration Brewing HERE

Gilgamesh Brewing

Another one of the reasons why I love the craft beer industry, (I think this is now reason #77) is that it is truly a labor of love for the entire family.
That is the case with Gilgamesh Brewing in Salem, Oregon. (remember-Salem is a growing beer town).
“Brothers Mike, Nick and Matt along with their father, Lee have loved brewing beer at home for years and decided to take a crack at making a business at it. The family has been in the Salem area for over 40 years, with most of the family members growing up here and graduating from Sprague High School.”

Here is the beer list:
Brewed with earl grey tea leaves in lieu of hops, plus a hint of tangerine zest. A high gravity HOPLESS beer that is extremely aromatic and complex without the fruity finish. INcredibly drinkable.

Mild maltiness with the perfect combination of hoppiness. Similar to a mild amber ale.

Here come the hops! This is a 60 minute IPA. We add our 3 favorite hops (Zeus, Simcoe and Amarillo) every minute during the brewing process, and then another pound per barrel added during fermentation. Very citrusy and floral. A Hophead’s dream ale.

Our most popular ale. It has a very traditional Scottish style malty body with an additional smattering of hops added during the fermentation which adds a complimentary floral finish.


Another hopless beer, brewed and fermented with local cranberries. It has a pleasant tartness with clove and banana esters.

No Hops again. The perfect combination of cocoa, locally grown mint, and stout beer flavor -without being too sweet. International award-winning Amano Chocolate’s Madagascar cocoa nibs are used.

John John from Rogue

Here is more news on the John John line of Rogue beers (of which I have had the Hazelnut/Rum). The Gin collaboration sounds intriguing.

In a collaboration of crafts, Rogue Brewmaster John Maier and Rogue Spirits Master Distiller John Couchot have joined forces to create a distinct, innovative series of brews called John John Ales. The series will take Rogue Ales legends and age them in Rogue Spirits barrels. A 3,100 gallon batch of John John Ale produces 1357 cases of beer.

The first of the John John series is John John Dead Guy Ale, Rogue’s award winning Dead Guy Ale matured in Rogue’s award winning Dead Guy Whiskey barrels. The cross collaboration of these two products starts with the distilling of Dead Guy Ale wort to create the Dead Guy Whiskey. The Whiskey is aged in Oak Barrels and bottled, then the Oak Barrels are taken from the distillery, by forklift, across the parking lot to the Brewery where they are filled with Dead Guy Ale and matured for three months.

Each John John product will be a limited release, starting with John John Dead Guy Ale, followed by the John John Juniper Pale Ale, Rogue’s Juniper Pale Ale matured in Rogue Spruce Gin barrels, and the John John Hazelnut Brown Nectar, maturing Rogue’s Hazelnut Brown Nectar in Rogue’s Hazelnut Spiced Rum barrels.

John John Dead Guy Ale will be available on draft and in 22oz bottles at select retailers in January 2010.


from the Oregon Brewers Guild
“This President’s Day weekend, dozens of Oregon breweries and brewpubs will open their doors to visitors for the state’s 2nd annual Zwickelmania. Zwickelmania, hosted by the Oregon Brewers Guild (OBG), is a free statewide event that offers visitors a chance to tour Oregon breweries, meet the brewers and sample their favorite beers.
When: Saturday, February 13th, 2010 from 11-4 pm”

Clock Tower Ales

It looks like Hood River is getting some competition in the craft beer market from their neighbor down the road, The Dalles.
“Clock Tower Ales specializes in the sale of craft beers, wine and non alcoholic craft soda. We are located in the second historic Wasco County Court House 311 Union Street The Dalles Oregon. With a relaxed and community focused atmosphere we provide beverages and light food to our patrons.”

My Oregon beer scout and nephew Anakin alerted me to this new establishment and sent in these photos….

The scheduled opening date is TODAY!, February 4th, 2010 at 2pm.
More information can be found HERE.

Widmer Cherry Oak Dopplebock


As I have mentioned before, I am a sucker for special reserve series beers. Plus I am already a Widmer fan. So this is right up my alley.
Cherry Oak Doppelbock is a rich ale, cold-fermented with dark sweet and red tart cherries, then conditioned on new, heavily toasted American oak. The result is a dark lustrous brew with up-front malty sweetness and cherry fruit notes completed by caramel, dark chocolate, and toasted oak undertones. The complex flavor profile balances the impressive 9% ABV and 40 IBUs.

Fire Mountain Brewing

In little Carlton, Oregon a new brewery has started bottling it’s beers!

They have two beers currently, Oregon Pale Ale and Steam Fired Stout. They are now on my list of beers to sample. (The list is way too long)