Rules and Regulations

I promise to get back to happy beer news with the next post today but it seems the State Government of Oregon has reinterpreted ORS 471.403 so as to ban home brew competitions!


Now I think the Tea Party (aside from choosing an ironic name, since they are represented by chosen politicians before being taxed) is too “me” first and community second but when government does stupid crap like this, you can see why the anger has arisen.

Enough vitriol by me. Check out this well written post by Lisa Morrison, one of the leading lights in the Oregon beer scene. After reading, please write to the Oregon government and let them know as a purchaser of beer from Oregon, you think they have misread the law.

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  1. There is also a Facebook page as well that you can join. If it can get Betty White on SNL, it can move mountains.

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