Birds in Pasadena

This summer will bring a new little brewery to Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, Wild Parrot Brewing.

You can hear more about the brewery over at the Experimental Brewing podcast with Drew Beechum and Denny Conn. Quick points are that the brewery has been a long time in the making and will aim for late July and looks to do more on the lighter side of the beer style spectrum.

New LA Brewery – La Jara

La Jara Brewing opened yesterday, marking the first brewery in Norwalk. La Jara is headed by partners and co-owners Jason Sullivan, co-head brewer Derek Johnstone, as well as Derek’s dad, Randy Johnstone.

Despite recent losses, LA is a large metropolitan area that still has pockets where local beer is still absent.

I will plan a visit and report back on the beer and tasting room.

It’s a Living

For those who wondered what would happen when Modern Times shuttered locations, well, one space will see new life.  Actually a third regeneration, when Modern Times PDX (formerly The Commons Brewery) will become Living Haüs Beer Co.

Founded by former brewers at Modern Times Beer and the highly regarded pFriem Family Brewers.  Now wait to see if the other locations can find new brewing life as well.  Most notably for my purposes, the narrow DTLA space that could serve a brewery with some rent money nicely.

1st Visit – Benny Boy Brewing + Cider

I am working on a piece to submit to Beer Paper LA about Benny Boy that will have backstory, impressions and big words so in this post, let’s talk about the beer and cider that was pouring.

I had six of the seven opening week beers. Poured straight from the tank by the way. I saved the IPA for a follow up visit.

I was most taken by the top two on the list. Mexican styled lagers are, at times, purposefully plain. Lincoln Heights Lager is light yellow in color so I thought it might fall into that category as well. But it had a nice spice (almost rye) as well as a deep corn flavor to it. The Other Lover is a low ABV delight as well with a lemon verbena note and almost easier to find your glass empty as the lager. I also want to mention the Midnight Swim which is a nice example of a Belgian Dark Strong ale.

Cross the courtyard over to the cider (and natural wine) building where you will find higher ABVs than in the brewery. These, I tasted all of and I came away very impressed by the two dry ciders at the top of the list especially. You could instantly taste the apple, peel and all in the single apple version and the double apple, you could taste both. In my experience the actual apple is sometimes covered by carbonation or other flavors. Not so here. Even the pineapple and pomegranate versions were decidedly apple forward, to the point that I wanted less apple.

This is a strong opening. I don’t say that often. Beer fans will be found here this year.

Driving to Pasadena

It looks like a brewery is on progress for Pasadena. Social media shows a bit of life to Driven Beer.

Automotive themed from the looks of it. Joining Upshift and All Season in search of car hop pubs and beer names. More to follow.

A Spark

Looks like Ventura is getting more beer if that is possible. Welcome Bright Spark Brewing!

I do like the logo. Nice and cheerful. I also have a guess as to the brewer so I figure the beers will be quite solid from the jump.

Keep an eye out for opening dates.

Soulful News

Looks like another brewery is on the horizon for Los Angeles as Brown Soul Brewing Co. now has a home and is moving on to the next stages of brewery opening life which are the the permit and paperwork (the 2P’s) followed by the building phase. Wish them luck as they move forward this year.