I had some BrewDog at the Stone Fest 13 and in bottles in the past. All were OK but not mind bending. I have read interviews with the brewer though and he seems trey cool. I heard about these beers though and am really excited. The eternal optimism of the beer geek.



Vertigo Brewing

Another addition to the crowded but thriving Oregon beer scene is this Hillsboro based brewery.

Here is their current list of beers…
Cyclone Cream ale, Apricot Cream ale, Schwindel Alt, High-Altitude Amber, Razz Wheat & Friar Mike’s IPA.

These two guys started out home brewing then they just kept making more. The only logical thing to do was open a brewery.

HUB – new July release

I know I can’t stop pimpin’ Hopworks. It is a disease. They make great stuff like this…..

Evelyn’s Imperial Sunshine is a big and beautiful double IPA with intense resinous floral and grapefruit hop aroma. This bright, golden beer has subtle malt flavor with just enough sweetness to compliment a powerfully crisp, bitter finish. Brewed in celebration of the birth of Evelyn Sunshine Ettinger one year ago this July 1st, it’s a rambunctious and refreshing beer.