Long Name but Melodious

Ce N’est Pas la Fin du Monde sounds very smooth on the tongue as one says it. And considering how solid the Canadian brewery Unibroue is, I would wager this IPA, though out of the Belgian wheelhouse will be good.

“Regular” La Fin du Monde is a Strong Tripel Blonde. The new twist is described as a “New World IPA with a taste of cereals and tropical fruits.”


Highland Park Brewery has a new westie IPA, Fellow Humans a collaboration with Orange County’s Everywhere Beer Co.

“Fellow Humans is a 6.2%ABV west coast IPA with lots of fun hops! This clear beer uses NZ Cascade, Eclipse, & it’s also our first time using the hop Nectaron! We’re so excited to experiment with this rad new hop, especially on this beer! bursts of intense aromas like Orange Tic-Tacs, mojito, Big League Chew Bubblegum, & clementines.”

Love HPB beers but toning down the from left field, weird flavor descriptors might be needed though.

Petri Dish

Science.  A large part of beer making.  Which is why the name and label of this new Long Beach Beer Lab beer is so great. King of the Petri Dish is a West Coast IPA collaboration with King Harbor Brewing using Citra incognito, cryo and mosaic Hops. 

Here is the beer description, “This experiment is super fresh with aromatics of grapefruit, wine must, and diesel dankness. On the palate flavors of white bread, grapefruit, orange, smooth bitterness, crisp carbonation and a clean dry finish.”


If you have Soccer Pants then you need Football Shorts right?  ⁣

Ambitious Ales took the hazy soccer and then made a “clean and clear version ” with the same hop bill and a similar grain bill from Soccer Pants Hazy IPA.  Which returns what the brewery calls an “ultra crisp West Coast out of it with Strata, Mosaic and Southern Passion hops. “