Triple Beer Review – Angel City

Angel City sent a nice care package with a nice variety of beers so let’s taste through this trio and see which is victorious….

Pinot Grisette pours a bright yellow color.  Has that hybrid beer / wine flavor nailed down. I certainly get white grape flavor but not in that fakey candy way.  The Belgian yeast is working hard here. Lots of esters on the nose and palate. This is a substantial beer for something so refreshing. 

B.O.S.S. beer is a pretty orange color. A lot of ingredients listed on the can and the Saison part is a bit buried but I like the flavor profile overall. Citrus leads but there is a little spice and a rough edge to it.  

Dollarydoo Aussie IPA has pine up front on the nose. This is kinda aggressive. No juicy notes that I can find. More old school hoppiness here. The hops stick to the palate. Some menthol notes for me. The label is very well done has a currency look to it. 

Dual Review – DBA at 25 and Double Barrel Parabola

Barrels aplenty today as I dive into the 25 year old DBA and then the brand new 2021 Double Barrel Parabola Imperial Stout from Firestone Walker.

Starting with the slightly smaller ABV’d DBA (Double Barrel Ale) which pours a lovely dark orange color. First flavor is minerality, a slight salt hit. There is a corresponding sweet aspect to the beer as well. A bit of apple and oak finish the profile.

10.5% higher is the Double Barrel Parabola Imperial Stout. A combo of bourbon and wheated whiskey barrels were used on this stout. It is super smooth and there is not much burn at all on this. It is a quick cheek warmer though. The dominant flavor is toasted coconut.

DBA at 25

Yes, Double Barrel Ale from Firestone Walker is 25 years young this year and to mark that occasion, the label gets a refresh…

…and might I suggest that you refresh your palate to this beer. It is a heritage beer and I mean that in not only a good but great way. These are the beers we drink at Super Bowl parties, the beer we know will be really good and that many will have fond memories of.

The 2nd Nitro

Here is the quote that should make you place an order at the bar, “DBA is the beer that started it all for us in 1996, but this may be its truest form yet,” said David Walker.

The English-style bitter, Double Barrel Ale (DBA) from Firestone Walker will be on offer nitro style. This is the 2nd nitro after Velvet Merlin and they have picked another from the stable that really will be affected by the dispense. I highly suggest trying regular one night and make notes and then get a pint nitro’d and see what differences you spot.