Triple Beer Review – Angel City

Angel City sent a nice care package with a nice variety of beers so let’s taste through this trio and see which is victorious….

Pinot Grisette pours a bright yellow color.  Has that hybrid beer / wine flavor nailed down. I certainly get white grape flavor but not in that fakey candy way.  The Belgian yeast is working hard here. Lots of esters on the nose and palate. This is a substantial beer for something so refreshing. 

B.O.S.S. beer is a pretty orange color. A lot of ingredients listed on the can and the Saison part is a bit buried but I like the flavor profile overall. Citrus leads but there is a little spice and a rough edge to it.  

Dollarydoo Aussie IPA has pine up front on the nose. This is kinda aggressive. No juicy notes that I can find. More old school hoppiness here. The hops stick to the palate. Some menthol notes for me. The label is very well done has a currency look to it.