Cold and Short

The Short Lived Series from MadeWest Brewing has thankfully not been short lived and the latest has arrived with a gator on it and the latest partner, Firestone Walker.

It is a Cold IPA hopped with Mosaic, HBC 1019 and Nelson and the description is “bright hop character full of citrus and tropical fruit with notes of orange, honeydew and peach.”

Holiday Season 2023 – Day 1 – Winter Ritual from Hopworks Brewery

Each year, from the day after Thanksgiving to the day before Christmas, one of my two daily posts will showcase a different holiday seasonal. So it is appropriate to start with a beer from Hopworks Brewery in Portland, Oregon.

“This Cold IPA is light and crisp. Seamlessly blurring the line between a refreshing lager and a bright, aromatic IPA. Notes of pine sap, lemon zest, and grapefruit with a dry, crackery finish.”


Karl Strauss calls their new collaboration with Harland Brewing Co. an “experimental Cold IPA”.

Brisky Business is described as “vibrant floral, citrus, and sweet fruit notes from this unique blend of Strata, Chinook, HBC 586, and 638 hops. The puffed jasmine rice lends to an extremely crisp mouthfeel and ultra-clean finish.”

I don’t know what ultra-clean is but leading with Strata hops has me intrigued.

A Cold Stone

OSide – Now I love shortening names and utilizing acronyms as much as many ‘Mericans but I might have steered clear of that as a name for a foray into Cold IPA.  But back to the beer, I am intrigued as to how Stone Brewing will handle the Cold IPA craze in their latest One Batch Dispatch.