Needed or Not? – Blue Moon Ice Cream

Nothing says ice cream more to me than a mega brewer and a baseball equipment company teaming up.  Blue Moon Home Run Twist is the name of the ice cream and thankfully there is an ice creamery involved, Hardscoop an alcohol-infused ice cream maker.

“Blue Moon is partnering with Rawlings to introduce Blue Moon Home Run Twist, the boozy ice cream that clocks in at two percent ABV and combines the bright and citrusy flavor of Blue Moon’s iconic Valencia Orange peel with a deliciously rich Madagascar Vanilla.”

Now it does not sound bad in theory and if I see it, I might just try it so I guess a light needed is the answer.

Put a Slice of Orange On It

For the Blue Mooners out there…

The Coors-y Belgian-Style Wheat Ale, Blue Moon Brewing is coming out with limited holiday editions of seasoning blends, because brand extensions don’t count during the holidays?  You can get “a savory Zesty Seasoning and a sweet Pie Pint Seasoning. Both flavors are designed with your holiday feast in mind.”

If still available, you can click here to order your own seasoning for whatever unholy end.

Needed or Not – Vax in Front

I applaud those brewery folk who are standing tall and asking to see vaccination cards. They shouldn’t have to play the role of health bouncer but here we are.

Blue Moon has come up with a festive and easy way to show your status….

A little pocket to show your vaccination card like a proud badge. I have to say that I like it. They will need seasonally appropriate shirt options but it works for me.

Hops in the Outfield

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 12.37.23 PM
If forced to attend a professional baseball game, I could have fun checking out the craft beer choices. Checking out the good food options and even the totally bad for you food. And at Coors Field, there is another attraction to keep my mind off the interminable length of an actual game.

The Colorado Rockies will be adding hop plants to the garden that is beyond the outfield. This gardne already includes the home run fountains as well as other plants and trees but now will have planter boxes of quite possibley Citra, Simcoe and Cascade. These hops will be used (if they successfully grow) in a fresh hop beer made by Blue Moon at the Sandlot.

Now watching beer being made is so much more interesting.

Review – Proximity from Blue Moon

I saw Proximity made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes and the red wine version, Impulse in the Burbank Bevmo and I took a flyer. Thought, “Why not?”. Blue Moon is so much better than Coors.

Well, I will not be buying Impulse for one thing. Even though it got a slightly better bad rating than the Proximity did. Plus, the names are horrible. They don’t differentiate the grape varietal or beer. They add nothing.
Which is, unfortunately, like the beer. It pours a light yellow with lots of tiny bubbles. No head at all here. Aroma is primarily grape juice or really young wine. The carbonation is good but then this white grape juice flavor takes over and does not let go. Not getting much beer here. Maybe a heartier style like a Tripel would have held its own against the sweet juice.
This is in Bartles & Jaymes territory here. One could also call it an alcopop considering how grape juice forward it is. This has to be filed under failed experiment.