The Beer Allowance – April

Beer geeks don’t typically get beer at a major grocery chain. Either the selection is sub-par or the good stuff has been sitting for awhile because the typical buyer is picking up the cheapest or largest box of industrial water lager they can get into the cart.

But the Ralphs near me has really improved of late. Hangar 24. Dig from New Belgium. Some good Widmer bombers and I even saw Sublimely Self-Righteous on the shelf. So I have been making a point to buy beer there on occasion to endorse the changes. Letting my wallet do the talking and taking advantage of the fact that they are tracking my purchases and someone in data analysis will see that I started buying when the changes were made.

And one of those purchases was my April beer allowance money from my wife…..

I have heard good reports on the Discord and Outburst IPAs from Pyramid and throwing in a maibock and their decent but not exciting hefe is a steal. And like the first three months. I even saved a bit of my $20 to spend at the end of the year!