Night Terrors

Got another spooky season release for you, “Nite Terrors, a sinister twist on our White Nite Golden Stout. This nocturnal version is an Imperial Golden Stout with heaps of cacao nibs and espresso coffee.”

Angel City will have you in the Halloween spirit after drinking since it is a tiny 10% ABV.


Angel City is pushing the Arnold Palmer name to the breaking point with Farmhold Palmer, a barrel-aged sour ale with tea & lemon.  I am a sucker for beers with tea so I will have to find this one for summer.


Surprisingly Angel City Brewery is the first to name their Mexican lager after one of the most famous and historical spots in Los Angeles, Olvera Street.

The really evocative art is by Elisa Torres Art as curated by ArtShare LA.

Brass Monkey ’23

Brass Monkey from Angel City Brewery is back with the 2023 edition of the malt liquor mimosa.  The fruit this year is ruby red blood oranges.  The brewery describes it as a “light citrus aromas which lead to a boozy, medium bodied beer that’s slightly sweet to start but finishes dry with a note orange zest…”

Downtown Cellar

Kellerbier is the latest release from Angel City Eastside series which usually tackles Germanic styles a bit off the normal beer style track.

This is their DTLA take on a “historical German “Cellar Beer.” This unfiltered pale beer is fermented with lager yeast but is not lagered for too long so it’s served young and fresh – think of it like a rustic Pilsner without the maturation and aging. It has a slight toasted and malty flavor with hints of green apple, and the hops bring about herbal and floral qualities with a touch of fruity hop bitterness for balance.”


Angel City honors the past occupants of their brewery with Bridge Builder Hazy IPA.

Their DTLA Public House “was once formerly the John A. Roebling & Sons west coast warehouse, where they would manufacture steel cables to build some of the most iconic bridges across the country.”

Here are details on the beer, it “has an almost vanilla-like sweetness upfront, followed by pineapple, nectarines, fruit punch and strawberries with a full mouthfeel and a finishing tropical sweetness. Brewed in the very same warehouse that used to build bridges, it’s safe to say this brew really “bridges” the gap between our building’s past & present.”