Angel City honors the past occupants of their brewery with Bridge Builder Hazy IPA.

Their DTLA Public House “was once formerly the John A. Roebling & Sons west coast warehouse, where they would manufacture steel cables to build some of the most iconic bridges across the country.”

Here are details on the beer, it “has an almost vanilla-like sweetness upfront, followed by pineapple, nectarines, fruit punch and strawberries with a full mouthfeel and a finishing tropical sweetness. Brewed in the very same warehouse that used to build bridges, it’s safe to say this brew really “bridges” the gap between our building’s past & present.”

Adam and his Beer

Adambier does not get the likes that other popular beers get. Gose is far more of fan favorite. But this style attributed to Dortmund, Germany pops up rarely so you should seek it out fir your beer style bingo…

And here in L.A. Angel City has their take on it, Devil’s Gate. Quite appropriate for the scary season.


I like it when wine and beer have a get together.

“These Piquette Grisette beauties were fermented and macerated for one month on leftover Mission & Zinfandel pomace (the grape skins left after pressing wine) from our L.A. River neighbors over at @AngelenoWine…. River Adjacent, get it?! Lastly, we aged em’ in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels for 9 months with a combination of sour and wild yeast cultures.

River Adjacent Zinfandel is a refreshing 4.7% slightly orange hue Grisette with soft sour notes and hints of clove, starfruit, peach and oak. Rounded out with aromas reminiscent of tangerines and pears with just a little bit of funk and a touch of black pepper.

River Adjacent Mission is a delicious little 4.3% sipper, slightly pink in hue with aromas of blood orange and black pepper. Balanced by a soft sourness and notes reminiscent of clove, starfruit, cherries and oak.”

Deer in the Barn

Angel City has a new sour with a bit of a barrel twist, Fawns in the Farmhouse

Here are the interesting beer details: “We took a farmhouse saison and aged it in 2nd use Cognac barrels for 7 months to develop some sour and funky flavors with sour and wild yeast cultures. Then we crushed fresh Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Twin Fawns Vineyard in San Miguel, CA and fermented the must and skins with Brett Lambicus and natural yeast on the grapes. Finally, we added the fermenting grapes to the farmhouse sour in barrels and let it age for another 5months.”

Queer in Beer

Angel City Brewery has another discussion coming up…

Here are the details…

Pride Month is here and so is the 3rd panel in the Crafting Conversations series. Moderated by Angel City Leader of DE&I, Carissa Sweigart to discuss the significance of the month, her take on Pride, and which is slated for June 24th at the Public House and streamed on YouTube.

Art Share LA #2

If you need a couple boosts to your IPA, then Angel City Brewery has a new beer for you, Mango Chili IPA with artwork from a collaboration with Art Share LA. Now I am not a big spice fiend but a little fire with bitterness is a sneaky good combo.

Weighty Topics

Angel City Brewery is using their platform today start some discussions. Those are the things where people converse and sometimes disagree but still remain cordial.

The DTLA brewery “will kick off a new quarterly panel series, starting with Crafting Conversations: Black in Beer, live on February 21, 2021 at 2p PST. This hour-long conversation is designed to spark and continue a greater discourse around intersectional diversity in the beer industry, as well as showcase the amazing ways each panelist is making the L.A. scene that much stronger in their own way. The discussion will also cover the past, present and future of diversity and inclusion within the industry, as well as improving community allyship. The panelist line-up will include:

That is a cool line-up of L.A. beer people so we aside some time on Sunday.