A New Steam

I am a harsh judge of brand design. I know what I like and only a few breweries win kudos from me on this front. When I heard that the venerable Anchor Steam was getting a make-over, I blanched. The old (current) design is great. Is it in-modern, yeah but it still stands out on shelves.

Now we get this yellow/gold look and the art is fine but the color scheme is both too much and too little. Garish brightness and lots of unused space. Maybe this will just be a summer look.

Dry Hopped and Steamed

Anchor Brewing has decided to monkey around with their iconic Steam Beer.

The new Steam variant will be dry-hopped which will impart a stronger hop aroma on top of the malty base beer thanks to what the San Francisco brewery is calling a “blend of new and traditional hops.”

Hops have grown in prominence with Anchor with their cans of Go West IPA and Double Liberty and now they get a whole new platform.

Kris Kringle – Day 20

35 Years of Our Special Ale.  I wonder what the largest vertical tasting of this great winter beer would be like.


If you have a favorite year, comment me with which year and why? I would be interested to hear the reasons.

Anchor Steam – Our Barrel Aged

Wow! I had the pleasure of sampling this on Sunday and I was blown away. I am not a big fan of the whisky/bourbon aged beers. To my palate the vanilla and oak tastes tend to obliterate the actual beer. But this was something else. It is a mix of Old Foghorn, Liberty Ale and Anchor Bock. And it is almost like dessert. Roasty and whiskey notes dominate but not overpower and at around a skosh over 8% abv it is not going to drop you under the table.