Sean Suggests for July 2024

This month we are staying in California for our beer shopping list but we will travel far when it comes to different styles so buckle up.

Enegren 13th Anniversary Czech-Style Amber Lager – 4.8% – This lager features a perfect blend of malt sweetness and mild bitterness, offering flavors of caramel, toasted bread, and a hint of spice. Crafted to honor our legacy, it boasts a clean, crisp finish that leaves you wanting more.”

21st Amendment Hell or High Twilight – 5.6% – “a citrus wheat ale brewed with sweet orange peel and natural flavor.” The latest in the Hell or series.

Ambitious Ales / Riip Beer All in the HIIPS – West Coast IPA – 7.2% – “Making a WCIPA that was truly a balance of both our house brewing styles. Starting with a super pale malt base to showcase the massive punch of Mosaic and Riwaka we threw in both the kettle and dry hop, then just a kiss of Hop Kief to round it out! Booming with big notes of dankness, pink grapefruit, melon, and fruit from the tropics!”

Beachwood 13

On Saturday, July 13th, the mighty Beachwood Brewing will be celebrating 13 years of brewing IPAs and all sorts of other styles at all five Beachwood locations. Five locations and thirteen years which is amazing.  Pick your favorite spot and have fun!


BSP blog favorite Smog City Brewing is primed to celebrate their 13th anniversary of brewing beer in Torrance.  There will be a special anniversary beer along with their new ESB made from Infinite Wishes second runnings and maybe even some bottles of Infinite Wishes to buy.

Tony is 13, the Darts, Who Knows

I do not follow hashtags but if they are still a thing, then #TDA13 will probably start trending at midnight as we transition from May 19th to 20th.

The event is the 13th anniversary of Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank where crowds gather to be the first to have a midnight beer, this year brewed by Beachwood Brewing.

Then over the weekend there will be hourly special tappings of fun beers that will get beer geeks frothing.

I haven’t seen a midnight in a bit but I am tempted.

Sour Day – Beer Review – Lucky 13 from Eagle Rock Brewery

Semi- quietly, Eagle Rock Brewery hit year 13. So, time to review their anniversary sour…

This blended sour ale from Wood #0011 pours a muddy red color. Aroma wise, the sour is there a bit but no cherry taste pops up. First sip is very weird. Getting very pastry bread hit right off the top. Not super sour. As it warms up a skosh, the cherry pie flavors take the foreground but that aggressive breadiness is still there at the back. If I could hold that cherry note all the way through would like this better.


13 grains (Pale Two Row, White Wheat, Aromatic, Weyermann Chocolate Rye, Light Munich, Brown Crisp, Oats, Crisp Light Crystal, CaraMunich, Baird’s Chocolate, Lightly Peated, Simpsons Dark Crystal, Crisp Amber) and 13 hops (Bravo, Target, Columbus, Cascade, Delta, Warrior, Magnum, Apollo, Calypso, Perle, Galena, Chinook, Mt. Hood) were used in the brewing of an anniversary beer to celebrate Bottleworks’ 13th Anniversary.

Here is what Stone has to say about the beer that they made with the Matt’s of Seattle, “The result is an Imperial Porter loaded with malt flavors, and the hop notes run the gamut from citrusy and fruity to herbal, piney and spicy. This is a beer designed to drink fresh, or lay down and cellar for several years.”

Beer Premiere Night

Roll out the red carpet, LA. Forget the Oscars and the Grammys. Last night brought two new and highly anticipated beers to the City of Angels.

First at the Daily Pint was Life and Limb from Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada. Sadly, Limb and Life did not make it, yet. Now this a winter warmer. As I tried to explain it to people, this beer is a porter with Sierra Nevada hoppiness on one side and Dogfish Head alcohol warmth on the other. It worked for me but it like the other beer I had are sippers.


Then I drove back across town to Blue Palms for the unveiling of Firestone-Walker 13th Anniversary. Brian Lenzo had the foresight, nay genius, to start buying these beers years ago and has amassed quite the impressive collection. He had a sampler of 10, 11, 12 and 13. The 13 was nice. You may know me as the dark beer hater but 13 had a good balance. Some liquor aroma and bite but the beer was still there and it was smooth. Plus it was good to see celebrated Celebrator writer Tomm Carroll amongst all the familiar faces. Next years vertical flight should be killer.