Kris Kringle – Day 28

The Holiday Ale category is the all encompassing category. Porter? Sure. Dubbel? Why not. Imperial ESB? Ya’ Sure, ya betcha’

Winter Storm “Category 5” Ale

“Our ‘winter warmer’ ale, brewed with copious helpings of English malts plus US and English hops making it a ruddy hued “Imperial ESB” in style. Full malty flavors dancing with powerful hop aromas and a lingering, firm hop bitterness. Seasonally available from mid October to February.”

Hops: Magnum, Fuggles, Cascade, Centennial and Chinook Hops
Malts: Pale, Crystal, Carapils and Munich malts
ABV: approx. 7.5%


Kris Kringle – Day 27

If someone asks, “So, what does a Belgian Christmas ale taste like?” Hand them this…


“St. Bernardus Christmas Ale is the youngest descendant in the illustrious family of delicious Abbey Ales by Brewery St. Bernardus. This specialty beer of 10% alc. vol. is characterized by its deep dark colour, with a creamy, thick head and a full, almost velvety taste with a fruity nose. It’s a seasonal ale, brewed annually for the holiday season. The long winter nights are perfect moments to savour this ale with or without friends and to enjoy its unique, complex taste and after-taste.”

Kris Kringle – Day 26

Jolly Pumpkin is getting wider distribution which is good and I sure hope this beer is under the tree in three days!


Noel de Calabaza – Deep mahogany and malty, layered hops, figs, raisins, sugar plums, cashews betwixt rum laden truffles.

Seasonal released in December
9% Alc.

Kris Kringle – Day 25

MacTarnahan’s has been putting out some really off the wall beers of late. They are playing catch-up and it seems to be working.

“You know he’s arrived. Wheeling through the party, being too loud, crowding the buffet, lurking under the mistletoe and spilling cheer. He’s a lot like this beer. Its dark malt body and rich roasted flavor will unravel your ribbons and leave you wanting more. Too bad it only comes once a year. Good thing is there’s plenty more where it came from.”

Malts: Caramel, Black Roast, Wheat and Oats
Hops: Northern Brewer and Willamette
Bitternes: 27 IBU
Alcohol By Volume: 5.3%


Kris Kringle – Day 24

I don’t usually get the chance to give much beer love to Texas but here is one beer to make your Christmas Texas sized.

A rich, hearty ale perfect for the holiday season with a malty sweetness and spicy hop character. The generous use of five different malts is responsible for the full flavor and high alcohol level of this beer

Saint Arnold Christmas Ale is best consumed at 45° Fahrenheit.

Recommended pairings: Fruit cake, Christmas pudding, & squash bisque.

Kris Kringle – Day 23

cigar city

We brew this English-style Old Ale with American hop varietals to celebrate the idea of a snowy winter landscape, if not so much the reality of it as we experience it here in Florida. Dark copper to amber in color, it has a complex citrus and caramelized toffee aroma with underlying notes of chocolate. The flavor begins with a dark caramel to medium toffee sweetness balanced by a firm citrus dryness and then moves into a forward malt character with hints of chocolate and rye in the finish and a lingering citrus and pine note. It pairs well with spiced ham and ridiculously warm winters. Enjoy one with the air conditioner turned down low.

I have had only one Cigar City beer but it was certainly unique. There is a reason for all the talk about them.

Kris Kringle – Day 22

Odell’s was one of the breweries that I missed at GABF and even though SoCal is less than isolated, this beer sounds just right for the season.

Ever been in a warm, cozy cabin and had a secret desire to get snowed in? To celebrate the winter season, we offer our Isolation Ale – a traditional winter brew made with premium malts imported from England. It’s just one of the reasons Isolation Ale stands alone.
Available October thru December

6.0% Alc. by Vol.