The Bruery turns two

I am heartily impressed by the people at the Bruery. They improved on their 1st party! They changed up to 4 sessions. Capped admittance. Added an auxilliary bar for the “strong” stuff, and it worked beautifully.

Here is the before beer BBQ courtesy of Beachwood BBQ

I had the following beers:
Oude Tart
7 Grain Saison
Humulus Rice
Einer’s Folly
here is the view out of the bottle…

I also had the Coton – barrel aged style with the lovely Liege waffles and choco bacon

Marshall Brewing


Oklahoma is not just Sooner Country. It is also becoming Craft Beer Country! Marshall Brewing has an impressive beer list. with McNellie’s leading my list.
Inspired by the house ales found in the pubs of Great Britain and Ireland, McNellie’s Pub Ale is a traditional ale brewed in the style of a Best Bitter. Various maltings of two-row barley are joined with American Glacier hops to give this beer its color, complexity, and a bit of a New World twist. The Old World character present in this ale is largely influenced by its yeast, which originates in the port city of Hull, East Yorkshire, England. McNellie’s Pub Ale pairs excellent with fish & chips (of course), Roast Beef, Steak, Pork, Grilled Chicken, and Barbeque. ABV – 5.0%



Finally, you can have a beer and stay warm. You will have to visit the 5th Quadrant in Portland to get one and it’s only in “proletariat” red but finally we beer geeks can be snuggie geeks too.

Barrel aged IPA from Great Divide


Great Divide 16th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA
“Based on our most award-winning beer, Denver Pale Ale, this copper-hued treat is a celebration of everything Great Divide does best. Plenty of malty sweetness provides a backdrop for earthy English and American hops, while French and American oak round off the edges and provide a touch of vanilla.”

Tacos & Beer

If you haven’t been to La Mirada’s Cabo Taco then you are missing out. Great food and great beer selection. And great prices.

You can go any time you want but you might want to try this summer event.

Cabo Taco Baja Grill
Phlight of the Tacos

Thursday May 27, 2010
6pm ~ 10pm

Grilled Halibut with apricot mustard sauce topped with chopped dried apricots and green onions
Pairing with Black Diamond / saison

Blackened chicken breast with cilantro-pumpkin seed sauce and smoked red pepper sauce.
Pairing with Avery / Ellie’s Brown ale

Beef Braised in red wine and Pasilla chili topped with baby arugula tossed in balsamic vinaigrette
Pairing with Bootlegger’s / Knuckle Sandwich Double IPA

Flourless Chocolate cake with raspberry coulis
and fresh whipped cream
Pairing with Oscar Blues / Ten Fidy Imperial stout



New Holland is one of the breweries that I needed to sample or visit or both. That was before the cellar series. Now it is moving up the list.